Why Can’t Dr. Fauci Just Move On

Why isn’t Dr. Anthony Fauci already gone? He keeps popping up again and again like a whack-a-mole. This summer he announced that he would be stepping down from various government positions in December. He wants to pursue the “next chapter” in his life and career.

So, we are left with what seems like a long-winded farewell tour with the liberal media. 

In an interview with CBS News over the weekend, the “good” doctor attempted once again to blame former President Donald Trump for the Chinese Communist Party’s purposeful coverup concerning COVID’s origins. 

Some have pointed out that Fauci’s timeline is just wrong and his view of how things should have been investigated and settled is simply naive. 

One person clarified the position on Twitter saying, “This is ridiculous and dishonest historical revisionism by Fauci. The CCP started covering things up long before the Trump admin was actively commenting or anyone even knew there was a concern. Li Wenliang was admonished by CCP police on Jan 3rd 2020.”

COVID was out there months before Trump zeroed in on Beijing and its scandalous handling of the pandemic. Fauci tries to say that this could been handled in the beginning by scientists, and politics should have been left out. It’s crazy because we are dealing with the Chinese. 

The Chinese government punished medical professionals and scientists who spoke out in those early days of the crisis. We are dealing with a closed, authoritarian government, so the idea that this could have been settled around a table with free speech is ludicrous. 

The Chinese government interfered in this on every level, and they were determined to bury the truth from the get-go. 

The truth is that is what they are still doing, and they are arresting and roughing up any journalists who attempt to uncover the truth. 

It’s important to remember that Dr. Fauci himself was involved in lessening the viable to probable “lab lead” theory in the beginning. He was shown gratitude for his actions by some who were heavily invested in the suppression of the inquisition. 

There is no doubt that Chairman Xi and his allies were as happy as can be that “America’s Doctor” was busy pointing his finger at former President Trump and his administration instead of the CCP. 

It should be pointed out how China is still dealing with its “zero COVID” strategy which was praised by The Washington Post. The population is finally willing to express their backlash against the authoritarian regime. The people are distraught, and some are furious in protest.  

In a recent interview, Dr. Fauci wouldn’t really answer a question about schools being closed down in America. The interviewer talked about potential school closures after this current holiday season. Some in the media have been warning about a new “tripledemic” of COVID, RSV, and the flu. 

This talk comes even though studies have confirmed how damaging school closures have been for our children. And Fauci has tried to pretend that he did not influence the past public policy chaos. 

Fauci does his best to squirm out of any criticism; he talks about local officials engaging in cost-benefit analysis on the issue.

Karol Markowicz moved her whole family from New York to Florida during the pandemic because of school closures. This was her response to Fauci’s interview: “Margaret, we should never again consider closing schools as some virus-fighting option. It was pointless and stupid to ever close schools and I should hope the country has finally learned that lesson.”

Dr. Fauci, we’ve had enough. Please move on to your “next chapter.”