White House Pushes Back on Impeachment Talk from McCarthy

According to a White House spokesperson, Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy of California continues to appease conservatives by lying about President Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s foreign business dealings.

McCarthy appeared Tuesday night on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” and discussed allegations that Hunter Biden and his then-vice president father were involved in influence peddling. Some members of the House GOP conference want to continue to pursue impeachment against President Biden and members of his administration. 

There is growing insistence among many in the Republican party that Biden was an active, knowing participant in his son’s questionable dealings. As various House inquiries investigate the issue, a chorus of support for an impeachment hearing has gained additional voices. 

“Last night on Hannity, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy continued lying about President Biden — making a series of plainly false, widely debunked attacks in order to promote the extreme far right’s baseless impeachment stunt that even some members of McCarthy’s own caucus are expressing concerns about pursuing,” said special assistant to the president, Ian Sams, and spokesman and senior adviser for White House Counsel’s Office, in a statement to Newsmax’s James Rosen.

“Speaker McCarthy has decided the truth should not get in the way of his and House Republicans’ relentless efforts to smear the President. They are prioritizing their own extreme, far-right political agenda at the expense of focusing on what really matters to the American people: working together to make their lives better.” 

WH spokesperson: Impeachment “stunt” is “baseless” and “shameless”

Sams continued saying, “Instead of pursuing this shameless and baseless impeachment stunt, House Republicans and Speaker McCarthy should join the President to work on continuing to bring down inflation and lower costs, create jobs, and grow the economy. That is, after all, what the American people sent their leaders to Washington to do.”

Sams cited three lies, in his opinion, that were expressed by McCarthy. They included: Claiming a “Russian oligarch” gave the Bidens $3.5 million, stating the Biden Administration has obstructed House GOP investigations, and saying the FBI didn’t act on information from an informant.

Despite writing that the FBI and Treasury Department had cooperated with the House Oversight Committee, Sams added that House GOP members “have repeatedly refused to release evidence that doesn’t fit their selectively tailored false narratives.”

Sams also wrote The Washington Post fast-checked the claim a Russian paid the Bidens several years ago and found it false. “In fact, the claim that a Russian paid the Bidens years ago and found it false. “In fact, House Republicans’ own witness Devon Archer testified last week that Hunter Biden ‘was not involved’ in this transaction.”

Mainstream media outlets CNN, The Washington Post, and NBC News cited the FBI and former Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky. Sams wrote the “false bribery claim has repeatedly been debunked.”

During recent hearings in the House, testimony from Devon Archer, a one-time Hunter Biden business associated, said Joe Biden had a role in around 20 of the younger Biden’s calls. For some, it reinforced suspicions that Hunter was peddling access to his dad, who was serving as vice president under Barack Obama, for the financial gain of himself and his family.