What’s Driving White House Staff to Quit VP Harris’s Team?

Vice President Kamala Harris’ mass staff exodus continues with Deputy Chief of Staff Michael Fuchs’ resignation as the latest staff departure. An internal memo announced Fuchs’ departure.

Fuchs is the 11th staffer to leave in 11 months. 

The Deputy Chief of Staff has advised Harris on international and domestic issues, accompanied her on foreign trips, and helped manage staff.

He previously worked in the State Department under President Barack Obama and as a foreign policy advisor for President Bill Clinton.

“It’s been the honor of a lifetime to serve in this administration, working for the Vice President and President on behalf of the American people,” Fuchs wrote in an email to colleagues.

“Fifteen months later, it’s almost difficult to recall the magnitude of the challenges we faced when we came in, from an unprecedented pandemic to historically difficult economic circumstances. And it is thanks to the work of this administration — and all of you — that our country has had such success in tackling these challenges and turning things around.”

Fuchs said he would stay in his position until May.

The vice president’s office responded to Fuch’s resignation in a statement from V.P. Harris’ communications director Jamal Simmons, “The Vice President is grateful for Michael’s tireless work, leadership, and the many miles he traveled domestically and internationally as we lifted up families and strengthened relationships with allies abroad. Our entire team will miss Michael as he begins this next chapter.”

Fuchs’ resignation follows numerous others, including chief spokesperson Symone Sanders, deputy director of public engagement and intergovernmental affairs Vincent Evans, Sabrina Singh, deputy press secretary, and vice-presidential national security advisor Ambassador Nancy McEldowney, director of Harris’ press operations, Peter Velz, and director of speechwriting Kate Childs Graham.

Staff changes continue

Harris’ staffers have been jumping overboard after a year plus of messaging blunders and well-known rumors of tension and toxicity within the offices of the Vice President and President Biden.

Recently, viral reports that Harris’ office voiced outrage over the Vogue cover that showed the Vice President in sneakers. In response, the President’s office told Harris’ office to back down and that her concerns were ‘first world problems.’

Reportedly, Harris sent her chief of staff to scold the President’s staffers for not standing to their feet when she entered the room, as they do for President Biden. It is also said that some of her staffers complained about Biden’s ‘all-white inner circle.”

Out of the four-person senior press shop that started with Harris, only Herbie Ziskend remains.

According to an internal email, Ziskend will be promoted to senior advisor for communications. The reset comes as the Vice President and President seek to step up public appearances and engagement as they battle tanking poll numbers.