UFO Hearing This Week to Stop ‘Cover-Up,’ Stigma

Former Navy pilot Ryan Graves, now executive director of Americans for Safe Aerospace, says he has seen the unexplained with his own eyes and is calling on Congress to take an interest in an investigation of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), formerly known as unidentified flying objects.

“Congress needs to hear that military aircrew and civilian pilots are routinely observing mysterious objects making inexplicable maneuvers in our sky,” said Graves. “I hope they gain a sense of the stigma I experience that there is no way to report UAP to the government.”

GOP Representatives Anna Paulina Luna of Florida, and Tim Burchett of Tennessee, are leading the House Oversight investigation into claims of Pentagon smear campaigns of whistleblowers and UAPs simultaneously with retaliation for those who speak out.

Burchett has asked if speaking out on UAPs makes a person a potential leaker of government secrets or a conspiracy theorist. Rep. Burchett will co-lead the House Oversight hearing on UAPs this week.

“We’ve had witnesses that backed out on us,” said Burchett to reporters this week. “That have received inquiries; I guess you could say, from the Pentagon. And, so, obviously, we’re over target. And they know it, and that’s why they’re firing at us. If there isn’t anything, then why the push to cover it up?”

Graves will be a critical witness in this week’s hearing

Graves is a crucial witness in this week’s hearing and intends to push Congress to start paying up for the investigations and reports on and the oversight of potential retaliation against UAP whistleblowers.

“I have been talking to veterans and commercial pilots about daily UAP encounters, and they want answers about what is flying in our skies,” said Graves. “Whether these UAP are foreign drones or something else, this data should be collected, evaluated, and identified.”

Graves has offered his organization forward to provide transparency and conduct an investigation.

“Right now, there is very little formalized support for UAP aircrew witnesses, and Americans for Safe Aerospace has the expertise to mobilize and fill that gap,” continued Graves.

“Unidentified objects in our airspace present an urgent and critical safety and national security issue. If UAP are foreign assets, we must respond appropriately. If UAP continues to defy conventional explanation — we must invest in scientific research.”
Burchett has been one of the leading voices for transparency about UAPs and said government officials and NASA are afraid to come forward with facts and truth about UAPs.

“They do not want us to do this,” said Burchett, explaining that he “hates” calling UFOs UAPs, which he says is a new government bureaucracy term, and noted intelligence officials with the government are blocking congressional oversight of UAP investigations.

“Who are these people? What the hell is going on? Let’s get to the bottom of it,” he continued.