U.S. Energy is Crucial to Global Security; However, President Biden Undermines Us at Every Turn

Worldwide, America is in retreat. Our enemies, recognizing our weakness and feeling empowered, our enemies are taking advantage of the vacuum of Oval Office leadership.

The China-Russia-Iran axis of evil aims to undermine alliances led by America and weaken American security. These regimes look to collapse societies’ confidence that value national self-determination and freedom.

Ukraine is in a battle for its survival against an expansionist Russia that has a deep hatred of the West. China has unequivocal goals of achieving technological supremacy over the West in AI and other areas. Iran has attacked Israel directly, and its proxies attack America and make threats to global shipping.

It was heartening to see Congress approve critical military aid for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. However, charting a proper course for American security and peace requires more than preparedness and military aid: America’s strength overseas starts at home, and energy is a crucial component of that component.

Instead of providing domestic energy to support our allies and economy, Joe Biden’s administration is emboldening America’s enemies by halting the future export of American liquified natural gas (LNG).

When shovel-ready, viable projects, like CP2 LNG in Louisiana, are pointlessly being delayed by the administration’s moratorium on illegal exports, our adversaries can cash in.

If considering Russia alone, this will be a stimulus equal to billions of dollars to pad Russian President Vladimir Putin’s coffers. In the same line, Iran will utilize the financial boost to undermine the United States and Israel.

By hamstringing U.S. exporters, President Biden delivers an energy victory to President Putin while also helping China gain ground in the race for AI superiority. As recently reported by the Wall Street Journal, America doesn’t have enough energy to power planned investments in cloud computing, AI, and advanced manufacturing. 

Although the Biden administration touts these investments — its anti-energy policies have set them up to fail.

Joe Biden’s LNG export ban is only one example of recent attacks on U.S. energy. There are numerous more. Consider the attempted EPA revival of the Obama Clean Power Act, a catastrophic climate-change policy designed to shut down power plants that operate 24 hours, seven days per week, threatening continuing blackouts across America.

Also consider Joe Biden’s nomination of Judy Chang, a climate extremist, who will move the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission — the agency responsible for approving notable energy projects, to the far left.

In the meantime, President Biden’s ally, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York, has destroyed any hope of reforming America’s broken permitting process this year, which could have created thousands of jobs, expanding U.S. energy production.

Is anyone to believe China, Iran, or Russia will mitigate their ambitions over Joe Biden’s ill-advised concerns for the climate? Nope. They will view the president’s self-destructive policies as a chance to exploit America’s economic infirmity and retreat from energy markets globally.

A steady, strong U.S. president would leverage our energy resources and encourage LNG exporters to help America prevail over our adversaries, removing obstacles to domestic energy generation necessary to meet the AI moment.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration refuses to do either. It is far past time for the president to end his destructive policies, put Iran, Russia, and China out of business, and unleash American innovators.