Tulsi Gabbard: President Biden, Administration Put Ideology Before the Law

President Joe Biden and his administration are putting democracy at risk by dangerously and openly skirting the Constitution and the rule of law, according to former Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard.

“Once we lose the rule of law, once powerful people in our country no longer respect the rule of law and the Constitution, then we lose our democracy,” said Gabbard. “That’s exactly what’s at stake here.”

Gabbard pointed to the lack of condemnation of intimidation and threats of Supreme Court justices as evidence. She also rebuked Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for his claims that conservative Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and other public officials should expect protests after Roe v. Wade was overturned which kicked abortion rights back to the states.

“I don’t agree with him, especially in this circumstance,” said Gabbard. “Yes, as public officials, as public servants, generally you are subject to protest of some sort or another. But what Pete Buttigieg is failing to recognize is the law 1507 that directly applies specifically to judges that makes this kind of intimidation and harassment and attempts to influence the judge illegal — whether that intimidation is happening outside of their residence or a courthouse, or any building that that judge occupies.”

According to Gabbard, Attorney General Merrick Garland‘s lack of prosecuting violations of U.S. Code 1507 is “essentially setting a bounty” on justices. According to Gabbard, Garland is paying lip service to the safety of justices.

“The attorney general can say whatever he wishes, but his actions prove otherwise. The fact that this account is essentially setting a bounty out for any information to go after any Supreme Court justice, not only is that a direct security threat, this is something that is illegal. They’re attempting to intimidate and harass and influence these judges,” she said.

She continued, “And, to my knowledge, I have not yet seen the attorney general of the United States enforce this federal law, not only to protect the safety and security of our Supreme Court justices but to uphold the law to make sure that this third branch of government is protected from the kind of influence and intimidation and politicizing that we need to make sure that they are independent from.”

Gabbard strongly rebukes Congress

Gabbard issued a strong rebuke of Congress for passing a law to protect justices without providing funding for their security.

“It really is disheartening to see that there are so many of these people in Congress and the Biden administration who are not taking this matter seriously simply because they disagree with the politics,” said Gabbard. “And politicizing these institutions, politicizing the Department of Justice to work toward your favor rather than just focus on upholding the law — again, this is what goes to the heart of what threatens our democracy.”

“And it’s just a joke, the fact that they haven’t provided any funding simply for the safety and security of every single one of those Supreme Court justices. It’s a terrible day. It’s a terrible day for our democracy,” continued Gabbard.

She added that Congress moved too slow to defend the justices, “after weeks and weeks” before the bill was passed, without funding for security. Gabbard emphasized that if something happens to a justice, Congress with be “culpable.”

“God forbid anything actually happens; they will be culpable in that because they have failed to do their job,” said Gabbard. “It is no wonder the American people have no faith in the United States Congress and their ability to serve the public interest and to uphold and support and defend the Constitution.”

Gabbard concluded, “I think people are just frustrated that those who they have elected to serve them are not serving their interests.”