Trump Trial is a National Travesty

For the first time in history, a former U.S. president, Donald Trump, has been found guilty of felony indictments — of which a crime was never specified — in Manhattan, in what can only be accurately termed a “kangaroo court.” This can be seen as nothing less than a dark day for the judicial system and our nation.

Jurors pathetically decided Trump was guilty on 34 counts, which carries the possibility of over 100 years in jail for business record violations that happened over ten years ago.

It’s a dark day, not because of the preposterous guilty verdicts but because the trial has been a joke and a travesty from beginning to end. No one besides Trump would have had a prosecutor conduct such a disgraceful, absurd list of charge them and warp the law to do so.

It’s irrefutable that no other individual has ever been prosecuted as a felon for the misdemeanor recordkeeping ‘crimes’ like Trump was. It would be a significant coincidence that the only person ever so charged would be the hated opponent of the current, bumbling incumbent, who is leading polls just five months before Election Day. The only reason Donald J. Trump was charged and then convicted of this crime is because of who he is. He is Donald Trump. This is what a banana republic would do. And it did.

The verdict on Thursday results from a series of minor menacing events that, when added together, constitute a severe threat to the rule of law in our democracy. George Soros, a foreign billionaire bent on reinventing our entire justice system, paid for the election of a radical prosecutor who explicitly ran on the promise of prosecuting Trump. 

The case was then put in front of crooked, partisan judge Juan Merchan, who donated to President Joe Biden and whose daughter has significantly profited from Joe Biden’s political career. That judge then seated a rigged jury, stacking the deck with absurd, illegal instructions and rulings, causing even liberal judicial observers to question the proceedings’ propriety.

All of this occurred in a city where the same radical prosecutor allows repeat violent offenders off with no jail time. President Biden himself enables illegal immigrants to run free, even ones with violent offenses.

What happened Thursday was not justice. It was and is election interference. It is a blatant abuse of the criminal justice system for entirely partisan purposes that will tarnish democracy long-term and possibly permanently.

We must hope the conviction will be overturned on appeal and that the appeal process will be conducted with more integrity and fairness than the original trial. I believe Trump will ultimately and rightly be vindicated in this case, whether in the New York State Supreme Court or before the United States Supreme Court. Only this vindication should be acceptable.

Justice, when it is delayed, is denied. The appeals process means justice will be delayed and denied well past the November election. From now until then, Dems will continue to refer to Trump as a “convicted felon.” That is what Joe Biden, the Democrat Party, and the prosecutor wanted — and that’s what it got.

Substantial damage has been inflicted on the democratic process. Utilizing the justice system as a partisan political weapon is a shocking turn for America. Don’t be mistaken; this was partisan and has made a horrible precedent in our politics. Don’t hold your breath; plenty more political prosecutions are on the way after this ruling.

“The real verdict is going to be Nov. 5 by the people,” said Trump after hearing the jurors’ decision. “And they know what happened here.” The former president is right. A Trump victory in November could do much to undo the immense damage done by Democrats to the integrity of our process for elections.

Until then, Democrats should remember the wisdom of GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who, after nuking the filibuster for judicial appointees, warned then-Nevada Democratic Senator Harry Reid, “You will regret this. You may regret this a lot sooner than you think.”