Trump Goes to Battle with Republican Leaders Over Election Ruling

Former President Donald Trump just cut loose on his Truth Social media site this weekend. His target was Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell who are both Republicans. 

The former president took issue against the lawmakers starting on Friday when he accused Vos of doing “a terrible thing to Wisconsin” after he refused to overturn the state’s election results. He also lashed out at the fact that there was a GOP-ordered investigation into the election that did not uncover evidence of election fraud. 

Trump began declaring soon after the 2020 presidential elections that he only lost the election because of widespread voter fraud, especially in swing states like Wisconsin. They voted for Biden by a very narrow margin. 

Trump called Vos a “RINO,” or Republican in name only, on Sunday. He had previously backed the former president’s claims of voter fraud, but he also said that there was no clear path to decertify the election. 

On Sunday, Trump criticized the Wisconsin assembly speaker in several posts. He wrote that he is “seriously thinking of Supporting and ENDORSING his Opponent” because “anyone would be better.” 

Vos is up against a primary battle with Adam Steen who is further to the right than Vos. 

Trump continued on Sunday,”And Robin Vos is only getting worse. Wants toll booths put on many highways, and a BIG GAS TAX ASAP. He is a RINO disaster, very much as the worst politician in the Nation, ‘Giveaway’ Mitch McConnell, who gives the Dems everything, and gets NOTHING for it – Never fights for Republicans!”

Vos has maintained from the 2020 election that to overturn it would have been impossible and illegal, but Trump has continued to apply pressure on him.

Trump Pressuring Wisconsin Leader to Overturn Election

This pressure and frustration from Trump intensified after the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled earlier this month that the use of ballot drop boxes in the state is unconstitutional. 

This caused former President Trump to flat out ask Vos on Truth Social to turn the election over to him as the rightful winner.

“It’s now up to Robin Vos to do what everybody knows must be done. We need FAIR and HONEST Elections in our Country. Speaker Robin Vos has a decision to make! Does Wisconsin RECLAIM the Electors, turn over the Election to the actual winner (by a lot!), or sit back and do nothing as our Country continues to go to HELL?,” Trump wrote.

Vos spoke to local media about Trump’s pressure to overturn the election, and he said he explained to trump that it was not allowed under the constitution. He also explained that the Supreme Court decision was not retroactive, so it only applied to future elections. 

Vos is not just facing Trump’s criticism. He is also facing scrutiny over the taxpayer-funded investigation into the election. It found no credible evidence of fraud and it showed contempt for the open records law in Wisconsin. 

The investigation upheld the victory by President Biden and verified that he won by 20,000 votes, which equals less than one percentage point. 

Trump is also going after McConnell’s continued rejection of voter fraud claims. The former president called McConnell a “‘giveaway’ Mitch McConnell,” most likely referring to the senator helping to pass the CHIPS Act Wednesday.

After this Act was passed, the Democrats announced that they would also move forward with the Inflation Reduction Act, which is a massive spending bill. 

McConnell had threatened to block the CHIPS Act if the Democrats passed the larger spending bill. So when the Democrats made the move to pass the next bill, it prompted Trump to go after McConnell. 

Trump said that the senator was “played by the Democrats again” in a Truth Social post-Friday.