Trump: Biden ‘Destroying’ Country, China Owes World Trillions for Covid Disaster

Former President Donald Trump says that President Joe Biden has done a “horrible job” against Covid-19, and one reason that people are balking at getting the vaccine is that they don’t trust him.

In a recent interview, Trump criticized Biden saying, “Biden was going to do a wonderful job on Covid, right? … He’s done a horrible job. Look at what’s gone on. Today we set a record on cases, a record.”

Trump was referring to New York’s record spike in positive cases. “And one of the reasons people don’t take the vaccine is they don’t trust Biden,” explained Trump.

The former president also explained why he never fired Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House Coronavirus Task Force leader, arguing that instead, he ignored his advice.

“I didn’t listen to him. He wanted to keep our country open to China, if you think about it, and I closed it. He wanted to keep our country open to Europe, and I closed it. He talked about masks being no good — well, I’m not a huge mask believer, but I think they have some purpose. And now he’s a radical masker.”

Trump continued saying, “Everything he’s done — he’s a great promoter. He wanted to keep our country…open to all these places, and I didn’t do it.”

According to Trump, China “destroyed the whole world” with the spread of the coronavirus, and the Biden administration is “killing our economy.”

“Not only this country, they really destroyed the world, the whole world,” explained Trump, speaking of China.

“If you look at what’s going on, and Biden said I will solve it…As you look at what’s going on, and Biden said I will solve it…As you know, and everybody reports it, even the fake news sometimes, but there are more deaths this year than there were — and we have all of these vaccines, and we have all of these incredible therapeutics.

“They’re not doing their job. They don’t know what the hell they’re doing. The mandates are killing our economy.”

America ‘disrespected’

Former President Trump also lamented that the Biden administration’s actions have made the U.S. “never so disrespected,” especially after the Afghanistan withdrawal.

According to Trump, “There’s never been a time like this. The Afghan withdrawal, I wanted to withdraw more than anybody, and I was doing it beautifully with power and strength. The way he just came in and surrendered, I think when China, when Russia, when these people are looking at what happened on that, I think it’s the lowest point, I think it’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to our country.”

Trump argued that China should pay reparations, amounting to $60 trillion in reparations for coronavirus throughout the world.

“They have to pay reparations. And China doesn’t have the money to pay the reparations. I believe that worldwide — I’m not just talking United States, worldwide — $60 trillion of damage. …China doesn’t have $60 trillion. But they have to do something to make up for what they’ve done.” But, he said, Biden is “afraid” of China.

“And I think he’s afraid of the fact that they gave billions of dollars to his son [Hunter],” emphasized Trump.

“I ask friends of yours, the biggest people there are in terms of Wall Street, ‘can you go into China and walk away with a billion and a half dollars?’…They said nobody does that. Nobody. Most sophisticated guy on Wall Street can’t walk in and walk out in 10 minutes with $1.5 billion.”

Hunter Biden previously sat on the board of a Chinese equity firm attempting to raise a $1.5 billion financial stake. The younger Biden has maintained that his involvement with the firm did not profit him $1.5 billion.

Trump also expressed his disgust at the conditions on the southern border of the U.S., an issue the former president had made a high priority, including trying to stem the flow of illegal drugs across the border.

“Hundreds of thousands of people are dying. … there’s never been a war that anybody lost numbers like this. We’re losing hundreds of thousands of people a year to drugs…we had it really largely stopped.” Trump stated.

“It would have been joust about stopped, and then these people got into office, and they’ve destroyed it. They’re destroying our country.”

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