The Majority of Voters Consider Donald Trump’s Presidency a Success: Biden’s a Huge Failure

In what might undoubtedly be one of the most stunning revelations, at least according to the Democrats’ political messaging and the mainstream media recently, the majority of voters now say President Donald Trump’s presidential term should be considered successful. In contrast, most voters also feel Joe Biden’s presidency to be a failure.

A recent Rasmussen Reports survey found that 56% of voters considered former President Trump’s presidency successful. This included 22% of voters who said it was a “complete success,” according to Rasmussen.

Opinions were not as favorable to President Biden. When evaluating him, 58% of surveyed voters said they considered Biden’s presidency to be “unsuccessful.” Interestingly, the total also included 40% of voters who “deem it a complete failure.”

As many expect, the survey responses were primarily along political party lines. Most GOP members surveyed thought Trump’s presidency was a success and Biden’s presidency was a disaster. In contrast, the majority of Democrats believed President Biden’s term had been overpoweringly positive while Trump’s term in office was awful. The most telling discovery was that of voters who identified with neither Democrats nor Republicans. Of this demographic, 53% said they considered “Trump’s presidency as successful,” while only 34% said Biden was “successful so far.”

Despite the warped, radical world that Democrats are attempting to create within American society, most people enjoyed things being comparatively normal when Trump was in office.

For example, most people don’t enjoy the prevalent carjackings, homicides, and crimes that have plagued the country since January 20, 2021. In addition, most people do enjoy affordable groceries and prefer not to be involved in foreign wars that don’t threaten the security of the nation, don’t believe men can be women and carry a baby, don’t want boys and men competing against girls in athletic competitions, and prefer not to have a record-breaking amount of illegal migrants entering into the United States.

Objectively, the results of the poll aren’t altogether surprising.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic derailed his presidency, conditions in the United States were relatively good. Donald Trump had delivered on several of his campaign promises: the economy was booming, illegal immigration was under control, there was a consistently low unemployment rate, and the stock market soared to record highs.

Efforts to sabotage the presidency of Donald Trump were set aside; it was considered arguably to be a good time in the country for all Americans — regardless of creed, race, or gender.