The Cover-Up of President Joe Biden

Anyone crossing their fingers and hoping George Stephanopoulos of ABC News interview of President Joe Biden last Friday would quiet increasing numbers of Democrats’ fears that the president isn’t mentally able to serve another four years must be feeling disappointed.

When asked in different ways repeatedly if he would take an independent neurological exam, the president refused and claimed he was mentally fit and did not need a test because he is tested “every day” and his test is “running the world.” The world is in terrible shape, with rumors of wars and wars. Does he then take the blame? Nope.

Things are so bad the Biden campaign was made to admit it provided eight questions to radio host Andrea Lawful-Sanders of “The Source” before her interview with the president.

During the interview, Biden accidentally stated he was “the first Black woman to serve in the White House.” Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison wrote in The New Yorker in 1988 that Bill Clinton was America’s “first Black president” because of his life experiences with many Black individuals. That was said about Clinton. He never claimed a different gender or racial background.

If Joe Biden’s mental health is okay and any assertions to the contrary are untrue, the most rapid way to resolve the issue is to take a test. Not doing so suggests Biden is covering up something that could possibly be serious. The New York Post reported that, per White House visitor logs, a top Parkinson’s disease specialist from Washington, D.C., met with the president’s personal physician earlier in the year. What was the meeting about? We don’t know because those who do aren’t talking.

But it gets worse. According to Politico, world leaders and diplomats prepping for this week’s NATO summit “are privately expressing acute concern about President Joe Biden’s age, health, and ability to win the 2024 presidential election. These foreign officials largely favor Biden’s re-election and fear that Donald Trump’s return to office would damage the NATO alliance and cripple the war effort in Ukraine. But they have reacted to Biden’s recent debate performance with dismay and fear that Biden may be too frail to defeat Trump and lead a global superpower.”

That seems to sum up the concerns of growing numbers of Democrats. How long will it be until we see a replay of the GOP Senate delegation that went to the White House in 1974 and told then-President Richard Nixon he had lost the support of Congress and would be impeached and then removed from office?

There are numerous examples of Biden’s inability to communicate coherently.

One example from Stephanopoulos’ interview in response to his debate performance is typical Biden: “The whole way I prepared nobody’s fault mine. Nobody’s fault but mine…I prepared what I usually would do, sitting down as I did, and returned with foreign leaders or the National Security Council for explicit detail. And I realized about partway through that, you know, I quoted The New York Times had me down 10 points before the debate, nine now, or whatever the hell it is. The fact of the matter is that what I look at is that he also lied 28 times. I couldn’t, I mean, the way the debate ran, not—my fault, no one else’s fault—no one else’s fault.”

No one, not even Google Translate, could help figure that one out. It isn’t only his mental health, but his policies — namely the open border — which, according to a recent poll by the Center for Immigration Studies, is the top issue for the majority of voters in this election.

For his family’s sake, as well as his own and, most importantly, the country’s, the president should immediately have a cognitive test performed by an independent physician, with the complete results released to the public. Nothing, or anything less than that, is unacceptable to voters and puts the United States in danger because of a president who appears increasingly incapable of performing his duties fully.