The Biden Department of Justice Continues its War on American Christians 

Since he took office, President Joe Biden and his administration have engaged in an all-out campaign to use the federal government as a weapon against people of faith and their political opponents.

Eleven anti-abortion protesters were recently convicted for protesting peacefully and praying at an abortion clinic in Tennessee in 2021. What was their crime? They sat in prayer and handed out flyers that shared the value of human life, arriving before it opened.

Under the “Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act,” a 1994 statute that makes any interference with a person’s attempt to get medical services a federal crime ‚ the pro-life activists were convicted.

The FACE Act was initially passed to protect the right to protest peacefully as well as the supposed right to access abortions, as well as the safety of pregnancy resource centers and churches. 

Regrettably, pregnancy resource centers and churches have been subject to a surge of violent attacks in the wake of the Dobbs decision. The Biden administration has turned a blind eye to threats and violence directed toward Christians.

But under Joe Biden’s weaponized Justice Department, the FACE Act is almost exclusively being used to pursue people of faith who protest to protect innocent lives and stand up for what they believe in. Each of the protesters now faces fines of up to $260,000 and as much as ten and a half years in prison for participating in a prayerful protest.

GOP Senator Mike Lee of Utah and Republican Congressman from Texas, Chip Roy, have luckily moved to repeal the FACE Act, replacing it with their legislation called “Restoring the First Amendment and Right to Peaceful Civil Disobedience” Act, which might block the Biden Administration from using the federal government as a weapon against conservative Christians.

However, the government’s weaponization against people of faith and conservatives doesn’t end there. A man who took down a Satanist statue in the Iowa State Capitol building last December was charged with a hate crime felony.

Although the Satanic Temple admits it isn’t a religious organization with a belief in a higher power, Iowa law defines this as a violation of individual rights. 

Iowa is making a mockery of the unrestricted right to exercise religious rights while continuing to treat the Satanists like a religious organization; the state is also making the justice system a mockery by saying this destruction of property is a hate crime.

Even more disturbing, the Biden administration released a memo in 2021 that instructs the Department of Justice to pursue parents voicing concerns at school board meetings, comparing parents to “domestic terrorists.”

In 2023, it was exposed that the FBI had spied on traditional Catholics, specifically ones who are interested in Mass in Latin) and identified them as people who may participate in the “far-right nationalist movement.”

Joe Biden’s Department of Justice believes these Christians are a threat to American life — not the criminals who are terrorizing everyday Americans in our cities — with carjackings, robberies, and murders.

Many of these Christian conservatives are facing penalties that are harsher than even those who committed vandalism and arson in the 2020 BLM riots. Of the six illegal migrants who assaulted several police officers in New York City recently, five were already released on bail.

The administration has used the justice system against their chosen political enemies. They consider anyone who disagrees with their views as enemies, too.

These remarkable acts of the Justice Department’s weaponization prove that Joe Biden’s administration is eager to use the full force of the federal government against its political enemies while allowing the actual crimes, like the riots in D.C. and the destruction, to continue to go unpunished.

While Americans continue to be victimized by violence and rising crime in their neighborhoods, President Biden’s administration should stay focused on putting real criminals behind bars and keeping our communities safe.

The DOJ shouldn’t ever be used as a weapon of the executive branch to intimidate, harass, and put down political opposition.

Americans should demand more from Biden and his administration. If the president continues to pursue people of faith and Christians while allowing the real criminals to run free, “justice” will not be done at the Justice Department.