Texas Continues to Install Border Razor Wire 

Authorities in Texas have continued installing razor wire at the southern border despite a United States Supreme Court ruling that allowed federal agents to cut through such obstacles.

GOP Governor of Texas Greg Abbott said Texas National Guard soldiers and Texas Department of Public Safety employees would continue to install the wiring to “repel illegal immigration.”

“Texas’ razor wire is an effective deterrent against the illegal border crossings encouraged by Biden’s open border policies,” posted Abbott Wednesday on X with a collection of photos working with the wire. “We continue to deploy this razor wire to repel immigration.”

Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to temporarily allow U.S. Border Patrol agents to remove or cut razor-wire fencing that officials in Texas placed along part of the state’s border with Mexico to deter illegal border crossings.

In a 5-4 decision, Justices granted President Joe Biden’s administration a request to pause the lower court’s ruling that temporarily blocked federal agents from disturbing fencing while litigation was ongoing.

Gov. Abbott then ordered more razor wire to be installed. He took to X to say the fight “is not over.”

“Texas’ razor wire is an effective deterrent to the illegal crossings Biden encourages. I will continue to defend Texas’ constitutional authority to secure the border and prevent the Biden Admin. from destroying our property,” wrote the governor Monday evening.

This month, officials in Texas cordoned off Eagle Pass’s Shelby Park and stationed state National Guard units at the location to block individuals, including Border Patrol agents who hadn’t been granted approval before entering, reported the New York Post.

Biden administration has threatened Texas

President Biden’s Justice Department has threatened the state of Texas if it allowed state authorities to arrest and then prosecute illegal migrants through a law set to take effect in March.

The Department of Justice filed suit against the state over the construction and implementation of a floating barrier in Rio Grande. Recently, an appeals court ruled that the barrier can stay in the river.

Gov. Abbott has bused almost 100,000 migrants from the southern border to Dem-run cities, including Chicago and New York. 

A source with the CBP said earlier this month that there were around 302,000 encounters at the southern U.S. border in December, surpassing the record for the month of September with 269,735.

By Wednesday afternoon, the CBP website still needed to be updated with December’s total official monthly encounters.