Sen. Warren is on the Warpath Against Crisis Pregnancy Centers

It’s one thing to be an advocate for abortion, but it is quite another thing to be seething with animosity against Crisis pregnancy centers. That’s exactly what we are hearing and seeing from Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).Warren is a vehement supporter of abortion rights and she is now declaring an all-out war on crisis pregnancy centers (CPC).

It seems understandable that pro-life advocates would get emotional about babies being aborted. They believe that life is being put to an end. It is not so understandable that Warren and others like her have such vehemence for CPCs.

They are an organization that helps women navigate their pregnancies. CPCs offer counseling, financial and educational resources, and aid in parenting. They also provide adoption information and often referrals. Some of them are medical clinics that provide free pregnancy health care. And this gets the goat of Senator Warren and other abortion advocates. 

Sen. Warren was speaking at a roundtable with other abortion advocates last week. She went so far in her hatred of CPCs to say that they wish to “harm” women.

“Here in Massachusetts, these so-called crisis pregnancy centers outnumber genuine abortion clinics by 3 to 1. They are giving it over to people who wish them harm. And that has to stop. We need to put a stop to that in Massachusetts right now,” Warren said according to a report by WCVP-TV.

Apparently, the harm that Warren is referring to is getting the care that might not end in killing a baby.

Warren vs. Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Warren also claimed at the roundtable that CPSs use a “bait-and-switch” plan to get pregnant women to go to them who may be seeking an abortion. They hope to eventually persuade her against ending the baby’s life.  

Warren was on the warpath against CPCs even before the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. The senator introduced legislation with other Democratic lawmakers hoping to crack down on disinformation from CPCs. 

This alleged disinformation is focused on how many CPCs encourage women not to abort their unborn child. 

“This bill directs the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to issue rules to prohibit deceptive or misleading advertising related to the provision of abortion services. The bill also authorizes the FTC to enforce these rules and collect penalties from organizations in violation,” Warren said in a press release.

The editors of National Review published an essay that focused on the hypocritical nature of Warren’s position. 

They argued in the essay that abortion supporters often say that are pro-choice, not pro-abortion. But they wrote that this is not often backed up by their liberal policies. 

The essay claimed that when these politicians oppose helping pregnant mothers learn about the decision that they are going to make, it shows how “shallow” their pro-choice ideology is.