Republican Bill Would Force Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas to Fly Commercial until He Comes up with a Border Plan

Some House Republicans are looking to bar Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and his staff from flying on private jets or federal executive aircraft until he introduces a plan to Congress for securing the southern U.S. border

The “Mayorkas Must Fly Coach Until We Secure the Border Act” reflects the growing frustration with the Biden administration’s lack of control of the chaotic border crisis and would insist Mayorkas fly on commercial airlines until a solid plan is presented. 

A record 2.3 million migrant encounters were seen in the fiscal year 2022. The number is up from 1.7 million the year prior. 

In December, a record-high 251,000 border encounters were seen. While the number fell to 150,000 in January, GOP members continue to argue that failing to bring the border under control continues to put migrant children at risk and allow dangerous drugs, including massive amounts of deadly fentanyl, to enter the U.S., along with millions of illegal migrants. 

“This bill simply recognizes what is already obvious to South Texans and millions of Americans: Secretary Mayorkas’ failure to secure the southern border has hurt the American people and resulted in a humanitarian crisis in communities like mine,” said GOP Representative Monica De La Cruz of Texas, lead sponsor of the legislation. 

“If he refuses to fulfill the most basic functions of his office, he should be stripped of the private flights he currently enjoys, courtesy of American taxpayers, until he does the job.”

Bill is one of many aimed at Mayorkas

The bill is a minor punishment for Secretary Mayorkas compared to two other legislation proposed by Republicans that would impeach him. 

One of the bills, sponsored by Republican Representative Pat Fallon of Texas, says Mayorkas has disregarded his constitutional oath by failing to maintain control over the border. Over 5.5 million illegal migrants have crossed the southern border into the United States under his leadership. 

Fallon’s resolution has 41 co-sponsors and maintains Mayorkas terminated contracts for the completion of construction of the border wall, which began under former President Donald Trump. It also accuses the secretary of lying to Congress when he testified last year that the U.S. government has complete operational control over the border. 

GOP Representative Andy Biggs of Arizona has introduced a second impeachment resolution notes making similar arguments that Mayorkas has broken the Immigration and Nationality Act by letting illegal immigrants into the U.S. instead of removing them. 

“The Secretary of Homeland Security does not have the option of simply releasing those aliens into the interior of the United States,” reads the resolution, with 31 Republicans co-sponsoring the bill. 

Biggs is also a co-sponsor of De La Cruz’s bill, which will ban Mayorkas from private jets. Other bill co-sponsors include GOP Representatives Derrick Van Orden of Wisconsin, Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia, Andy Ogles of Tennessee, and Anna Paulina Luna of Florida. 

House Republicans have yet to schedule a vote on any of the legislation aimed at putting pressure on Mayorkas to do more to halt the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States, despite widespread frustration with the Biden administration’s border policies.