Representative Comer: Oversight Set to Investigate Hunter Biden’s Art Dealings

GOP Representative James Comer of Kentucky said the Oversight Committee he serves as chairman would probe into the groups or individuals purchasing Hunter Biden’s art. Comer cites concerns over a pattern that has developed in his business dealings. 

In a Wednesday interview, the representative said his panel is demanding critical information on the purchasers of the younger Biden’s art be provided by his art dealers. The demand comes amid growing concerns that Biden participated in questionable transactions with foreign entities. 

“We’re concerned that there’s a pattern here,” explained Comer. “If you look at the money that Hunter Biden made in respect to the Burisma in Ukraine and the CEFC in China. There’s just a … pattern here where money flows from our adversaries around the world into Biden accounts.”

Rep. Comer spotlighted the millions of dollars in donations used to build President Joe Biden’s Penn Biden think tank in Washington, D.C., as grounds for investigating the mysterious individuals.

“We’ve seen with the Biden Center for Diplomacy a big percentage of that is funded through Chines donations, many of them anonymous donations,” said the congressman. “Many of the wire transfers that he received in his business account were anonymous wire transfers.”

Comer suspects a comparable situation has been forming with Hunter Biden’s art gallery, noted that the art buyers are anonymous, and the committee “has good reason to believe” also originate from China.

“So why don’t they disclose that?” asked Comer. He was referring to cite Walter Shaub Jr., former President Barack Obama’s ethics chief, who drew attention to problems with the art sale in July 2021.

“I mean, even Obama’s ethics chief has said that it’s preposterous to sell art from someone like Hunter who’s never been an artist before at these prices, and not disclose who the buyers are,” Comer said.

Investigation renewed Wednesday

House GOP members pushed for further details on who is purchasing his work as part of the Republican-led long-promised investigation into President Joe Biden and his family.

Comer is the newly-named chairman of the House Oversight Committee and has asked for a transcribed interview with the art dealer who has been showcasing Hunter Biden’s work in Los Angeles and New York since 2021, Georges Berges. The representative has requested communications between the White House and the gallery and cites GOP concerns the younger Biden is potentially trading on his father’s name. 

“Despite being a novice artist, Hunter Biden received exorbitant amounts of money selling his artwork, the buyers’ identities remain unknown, and you appear to be the sole keeper of these lucrative transactions,” said Comer in a letter to Berges.

The Oversight request comes as the Republicans, led by Comer, ramp up their probes into members of Biden’s family and their business dealings. Republicans have requested information from Berges previously, but the requests were ignored. Since then, the GOP has taken power in Congress.