Rep. McCarthy: Biden ‘Vilified’ Americans, Blasts Dems on Immigration, Inflation, and More in a Campaign Speech

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., recently lit into President Biden for insulting Americans and denounced Democrats for their handling of issues ranging from public safety to inflation. 

“Instead of trying to bring our country together to solve these challenges, President Biden has chosen to divide, demean, and disparage his fellow Americans — simply because they disagree with his policies,” said McCarthy. “When the President speaks tonight at Independence Hall, the first lines out of his mouth should be to apologize for slandering tens of millions of Americans as ‘fascists.'”

McCarthy made the remarks at an event in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where he supported the Republican nominee for Congress, Jim Bognet, who is running against Matt Cartwright, D-Pa.

“In the past two years, Joe Biden has launched an assault on the soul of America, on its people, on laws, on its most sacred values. He has launched an assault on our democracy. His policies have severely wounded America’s soul, diminished America’s spirit, and betrayed America’s trust,” McCarthy said.

He continued, “What Joe Biden doesn’t understand is that the soul of America is the tens of millions so hardworking people, of loving families, of law-abiding citizens whom he vilified for simply wanting a stronger, safer, and more prosperous country.”

Minority leader McCarthy’s speech comes as Democrats and Republicans jockey to frame the midterm elections around favorable issues. Representative McCarthy, who hopes to be elected speaker of the House if Republicans take control of the House after the midterms, chose to focus on inflation as a top concern for Americans.

“How many of you can afford to give up one month of your income? I bet not many,” said McCarthy. “But if you had a constant salary for the past year, you’ve had more than one month of your income taken away. Democrats have had total control in Washington. They control the House; they control the Senate. They control the White House. They have all levers of power. So, let me ask you this. How have they done?”

Biden argues midterms should be a referendum on MAGA ‘extremists’

President Biden’s recent primetime speech argued that the November midterms should be a referendum on social issues like abortion and former President Donald Trump. “MAGA forces are determined to take this country backward. Backward to an America where there is no right to choose, no right to privacy, no right to contraception, no right to marry who you love.”

McCarthy fumed against Democrats and Biden on a slew of issues, including inflation, including immigration, which the GOP sees as a winning issue in the November midterms. “Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and the Democrat Congress have created the worst illegal immigration crisis in all of history,” said McCarthy. “They eliminated every successful policy put into place during the Trump Administration and adopted a policy of releasing illegal immigrants by the millions into the United States.”

Most political experts expect Republicans to gain a majority in the House, primarily because of Biden’s low approval ratings and the poor economy. However, in recent weeks Democrats have said they are gaining momentum. They cite successful bills on taxation and spending and gun control and outrage over abortion laws in Republican-controlled states, as well as a renewed focus on former President Donald Trump as boosting them in the polls.