Rep. James Comer’s Ready to Question Former Twitter Employees Before Congress

Republican Rep. James Comer (KY), the incoming chairman of the House Oversight Committee, is waiting with bated breath for the new House majority that the GOP will have in January. He is promising to increase the intensity on the Biden family over the Hunter Biden email scandal and his infamous laptop. 

This is all much more horrifying for the White House Administration now that Elon Musk is following through on his pledge to release internal Twitter documents and communications that prove former employees of the social media platform worked side by side with Democrats to suppress content related to these Biden family scandals. 

It was reported in the media this past weekend that Musk released the first round of information through Matt Taibbi, an independent journalist, and Twitter user. He began posting incriminating information through several Twitter posts. 

Taibbi’s long posts on the platform brought confirmation to the New York Post’s breaking stories about Hunter’s laptop controversy. 

Twitter Employees Accused of Bias in Hunter Biden Laptop Story

The new information showed that right after the New York Post initially broke the story of the laptop of the President’s son, Twitter employees immediately started to promote that the story was the result of a Russian hacking operation. 

Why did they immediately jump to this conclusion? There are several reasons, and the first is their predisposition to favor progressive Democrats. And also, it was because of the many lies that were coming from political leaders like California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff. He was constantly rushing in front of TV cameras talking about Russian collusion with zero evidence to back it up. 

The information that Musk just released revealed that Twitter employees from their legal department and communication teams immediately began debating whether to restrict the Post article under the company’s hacked information policy. And this was just weeks before the 2020 elections. 

These former Twitter employees should get ready to face the music. Republican Representatives Jason Chaffetz and James Comer appeared on Fox News’s “Hannity”, and told him that they plan on bringing in every Twitter employee, past and present, who took part in the suppression of information before Congress to testify. 

Breitbart reported these words from Comer, “Well, in January, Jason, when I take your old position as Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, I can promise you this: every employee at Twitter who was involved in suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story will have an opportunity to come before Congress and explain their actions to the American people. This was a huge story. … But this story’s just beginning, Jason, because we’re going to have every single person at Twitter that was involved in this in front of the House Oversight Committee as soon as possible.”

This is the most shocking part of this story; the two groups who were most involved in linking with Twitter for the suppression of information were the Democrat National Committee and the 2020 Biden campaign.

Comer explained to Chaffetz that they knew the Democratic National Committee was communicating with Twitter, and they knew the Biden campaign was communicating with Twitter. This caused them, in April, to have the House Oversight Committee request that Twitter preserves all documents and correspondence between Twitter executives and the Democratic National Committee and the Biden campaign regarding Hunter Biden.

In May, Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), a ranking member of the House Oversight Committee made a formal request to the Twitter Board Chair Bret Taylor to preserve all records regarding Musk’s purchase of Twitter and an evaluation of all shareholder’s interests in respect to Musk’s offer. The letter made sure the board at Twitter understood that this meant they were to take steps to ensure that no records were destroyed or altered.

Little did they know then how significant that decision would be now.