President Joe Biden Gives Taxpayers and the Supreme Court the Finger with His Latest Student-Loan Bailout

When the Supreme Court struck down President Joe Biden’s attempt to single-handedly “cancel” (force taxpayers to absorb) $400 billion in student loans and blasted the president for overreaching his power by trying to go around Congress, he listened and then, like the politician he is, acknowledged the limits of his authority and tried to get the legislative branch to pass his agenda, as is required in the Constitution. Kidding. I think.

Congress has the “power of the purse” and has repeatedly rejected Biden’s plans to make taxpayers take the loss for millions of Americans’ student loans.

Instead of taking “No” for an answer, President Biden—who was supposed to be putting the “grown-ups back in charge” and restoring the “rule of law”—continued trying to cancel debt anyway, first through a giveaway that vastly expanded income-based repayment systems and now through another sweeping proposal to forgive student loans.

Under President Biden’s latest scheme, which was announced on Monday, around 25 million more Americans will see student loan windfalls, including interest owed “cancellation” for households earning as much as $240,000 per year, cancellation for anyone who has had student loans for an extended length of time, with several others receiving targeted relief efforts.

“President Biden from Day One has worked to fix the student loan system and make sure higher education is a ticket to the middle class—not a barrier to opportunity—because he knows that debt cancellation not only benefits borrowers, it benefits the entire economy,” states the White House.

The true rationale behind the continuous bailout push has nothing to do with “fixing the system” or economics.

It’s a blatant gambit to bribe younger voters to get back on Joe Biden’s train after many have become more and more disillusioned with the administration over its position on the Hamas-Israel war.

This isn’t a theory, as is evident from the Biden administration’s actions.

On Monday, Biden went to Wisconsin to tout the initiative. At the same time, VP Kamala Harris journeyed to Pennsylvania, Douglas Emhoff, second gentleman, went to Arizona, and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona went to New York.

What do you notice about those states?

Except for New York, they are all swing states that will prove crucial in November’s presidential election. 

President Biden isn’t hiding the fact he is intentionally trying to work around Congress and the Supreme Court to abuse the powers of his office in an attempt to bribe young voters with taxpayer money — all with a policy that doesn’t solve anything and costs regular Americans dearly.

It would be beneficial to remember that there’s no such thing as student-debt “cancellation.”

Almost all loans given to students are owed to the federal government, which means if taxpayers aren’t repaid, we are on the hook for the difference through more debt and taxes.

So, every dollar the president hands out in “relief” to college graduates with massive loans comes indirectly or directly out of the pockets of working Americans who didn’t attend college, made smart choices to avoid taking on debt, or already paid off their loans.

Forcing taxpayers to swallow the loss on other people’s loans does not address the real problem of exorbitant tuition rates.

Biden’s bailout might actually make the problem worse, as colleges could respond to the Biden administration’s repeated bailout efforts by further increasing their tuition prices.

President Biden is doing all of this, giving the U.S. Supreme Court a middle finger.

Instead of accepting the limits to his power following his last defeat or attempting to persuade Congress to support his agenda, he is simply seeking to exploit an old statute to work around the system.

If the high court also strikes down this effort, it will probably be after the November presidential election.

It’s straightforward — President Biden is roaming around the country to tout the wasting of taxpayer money to bribe young voters while circumventing the order of our Constitution and making our real problems worse.

With that kind of campaign, does his opponent even need opposition research?