Poll: Oz and Fetterman Separated by 1 Point in Race for Pennsylvania Senator

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman currently holds a slim one-point lead over his Republican challenger, Dr. Mehmet Oz, for the Pennsylvania state Senate seat, according to a recent Muhlenberg Collage and Morning Call poll. The poll was conducted over four days — three of which immediately followed the first and only debate between Oz and Fetterman.

Although John Fetterman has a one-point lead, the polls suggest his race vs. Dr. Oz is a virtual tie. It also indicated that voters are divided over who they want to represent Pennsylvania in the Senate but lean more toward the state being run by a governor who is a Democrat. 

In the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race between Republican Doug Mastriano and Democrat Josh Shapiro, Shapiro currently holds a 14-point lead over Mastriano. 

The same poll also found that 53% of people likely to vote in Pennsylvania disapprove of  President Joe Biden’s job performance as president, which hasn’t changed since September. The survey said when it came to congressional races, voters in Pennysylvania preferred GOP candidates to Democrats, 48% to 43%.

Dr. Oz endorsed by the newspaper in Fetterman’s home county

Oz recently received a surprise endorsement from opponent John Fetterman’s home county newspaper. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is from the county where Fetterman’s adopted hometown is located. The heavily- Democratic Allegheny County publication wrote that Fetterman’s “lack of transparency” when he stopped the release of his medical records is “troubling” and “suggests an impulse to conceal and a mistrust of the people.”

The paper continued its condemnation of the former mayor of a Pittsburgh suburb, saying he has “little experience in holding real jobs or facing the problems of working people.”

Dr. Oz said that look-alike policies to Fetterman’s are being used in the Philadelphia area while carjackings and murders spike across the largest city in Pennsylvania. “I think what you witnessed during the debate was that John Fetterman can’t defend his radical views. I don’t think Barack Obama can either.” The former president is scheduled to campaign for Fetterman.

The doctor said the Post-Gazette was a “fabulous paper” that usually would not endorse a Republican. “But God bless them…they’ve had enough as well — they’re a big paper in Pittsburgh.

Oz and Fetterman are vying for a vacated seat by Senator Pat Toomey, a Republican from Allentown. Either Oz or Fetterman will become the junior senator to Bob Casey, Jr., a Democrat, son of the late governor who was well-known for his Planned Parenthood v. Casey case.

“Fundamentally, if you’re thinking more about protecting the criminals than the innocent, then the victims, which again Fetterman did, was to push against the other members of the parole board to get murderers out because he’s acknowledged if he had a magic wand, the one thing he’d want to do is get rid of life in prison for felony murder. This is just bizarre,” said Oz.

Oz emphasized that under the liberal leadership of a majority Democratic city council, Democrat District Attorney Lawrence Krasner, and Mayor James Kenney, Philadelphia “is an unimaginable mess.”

In another critical race, the House race for the Allentown-centered 7th district is home to a tight race between Republican businesswoman Lisa Scheller and Democrat Representative Susan Wild. A recent Muhlenberg College poll taken earlier in October has the race only separated by one point.