Pentagon Set to Release Declassified UFO Videos, Photos, and Reports on New Website

On Thursday, the Pentagon announced the launch of a new website with the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), which will provide declassified information about UFOs to the public, or what the government calls unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs). 

Brigadier General Patrick Ryder, Pentagon spokesman, said at a press briefing that the new website will provide the public with information including photos and videos associated with resolved UAP cases as they are declassified and approved for public release.

Other information the general confirmed would be available includes trends, reports and a frequently asked questions section, along with links to official reports, press releases, transcripts and other resources the public might find helpful. 

“The department is committed to transparency with the American people on AARO’s work on UAPs,” said Ryder.

He added that the site would serve as a “one-stop” shop for publicly available information. AARO will regularly update the website with its most recent findings when new information is cleared for public viewing.

The new website can be accessed at

Announcement comes after Congressional members demanded results from the intelligence community

The announcement comes only days after six Congressional members demanded results from the intelligence community about alleged top-secret programs that retrieve crashed UFOs and then reverse engineer the technology.

David Grusch, the UFO whistleblower, alluded to both programs in statements under oath during the House Oversight Committee hearing that highlighted several decades of alleged government secrecy around UFOs/UAPs. Grusch held back from giving any further details during a public hearing because of an open whistleblower reprisal case against him.

Six Congressional members signed the August 21 letter to Inspector General Thomas Monheim, including Democrat Jared Moskowitz of Florida, Republican Nancy Mace of South Carolina, Tennessee’s Republican Tim Burchett, GOP’s Andy Ogles of Tennessee, and Republicans Anna Paulina Luna of Florida and Erick Burlison of Missouri.

Grusch testified during the hearing that he knows colleagues injured while reverse-engineering UFO technology, and said the government “absolutely” has had UFO tech and “biologics” of “non-human origins” since the 1930s and knows the specific locations where they’re being held.

Grusch said he could provide specifics in a classified setting during the hearing.

The whistleblower was one of three crucial figures who testified during the hearing on July 26, which also included firsthand accounts from decorated military pilots David Fravor and Ryan Graves, who have witnessed — and in the case of Fravor, engaged — UAPs while in the air.

Fravor is a retired squad leader of the Black Aces who served for 18 years as a Navy pilot, and spotted what became known as the “Tic Tac UFO” during a training mission in 2004.

The object was “far superior to anything we had at the time, have today or are looking to develop in the next 10-plus years,” said Fravor in his opening statement.