Pelosi Refuses to Talk About Inflation or Future in Leadership

Nancy Pelosi, the liberal Speaker of the House from California, gave an interview on Sunday with CBS News’ “Face the Nation.” She did not want to talk about inflation, no surprise there. Democrats seem to only want to talk about the issues that voters don’t really care about. 

She also did not want to talk about whether or not she is planning to step down from her leadership position when the new Congress takes its place in January. 

Pelosi was asked about inflation, a top issue for the American voter, along with the economy and jobs, and this was her response: “…the fact is, is that, when I hear people talk about inflation, we have to change that subject,” Pelosi revealed. “Inflation is a global phenomenon.”

It’s clear that the Democrats believe that inflation is a losing issue for their party. According to a new ABC News poll, 36% of Americans would trust GOP leadership to handle record inflation, and only 21% would trust Democratic leadership. 

Pelosi deflected the question on record inflation in America by saying that the European Union and the U.K. have high inflation than the U.S. does. 

The Speaker went on to tell host Margaret Brennan, “It’s not – the fight is not about inflation. It’s about the cost of living. And if you look at what we have done to bring down the cost of prescription drugs, to bring down the cost of – of energy and the rest in our legislation, you will see that that has been opposed every step of the way by the Republicans, and they have no plan for lowering the cost of living or helping with inflation.”

Brennan asked Pelosi if she regrets sending out $1,400 checks and agreeing to pass massive pandemic relief bills. She also asked if they contributed to inflation.

Pelosi said, “No, absolutely not.” She believes this was necessary for people to survive.

Pelosi Refused to Answer if She Will Step Down From Leadership

Brennan tried to make Pelosi see that according to a CBS News poll, abortion ranks 7th on a list of voting issues for the American People. She said that the top concerns were the economy, inflation, crime, and immigration. So Brennan asked Pelosi if her party made a “miscalculation” in giving so much focus to their abortion messaging while neglecting the economy. 

Pelosi replied that her party was “about the economy,” and everybody knows that. She said that nobody ever said the party was “doing abortion” instead of the economy. 

Brennen then got pretty personal with Pelosi and asked if she was going to remain in leadership when the new Congress took over in January. Pelosi responded right back that she was not talking about that, that she was there to talk about how Democrats will win the election. 

The politician, who is 82 years old, said that she was not there to talk about herself, but about the future. She wanted to focus on America’s working families and the children, “It’s always about the children,” she said. 

The reason that the question seems viable is that in December 2018, Pelosi promised to step down as the top Democrat in the house by 2022. She described herself as a bridge to the next generation of leaders, and that she was going to mentor new members into positions of power. 

She said that it was her understanding that Caucus Chair Hakeem Jeffries and incoming Rules Committee Chair Jim McGovern were going to bring up a proposal for transferring leadership by February 15th. Pelosi said that she was comfortable with the proposal and that she intended to abide by it even if it does not pass. 

So it is clear what Pelosi will and will not talk about these days, no matter what may be important to the American people.