Pelosi Moves Quickly from Personal Suffering to Political Blaming

It was just a matter of time, and now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has demonized the right for the recent hammer attack on her husband, Paul. 

She appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday night to talk about a wide range of issues that included the midterm elections, her future as the leader of her party, and of course the attack that was caused by the violent right-wing democracy haters in America. 

The attack on Paul Pelosi was violent and her description of the trauma and suffering was moving as she described the emotions in her family after this unexplained assault. What was not moving was how quickly she moved from personal suffering to political blaming. She believes it was the Republicans who incited the crime of David DePape. 

Paul Pelosi is now doing well in his health, but it will be a long road to full recovery. He is receiving good care from San Francisco General and other healthcare providers. Nancy described the operation Paul had as a success but went on to say that it was only one part of the recovery and that the drastic head injury would take some time to fully recover. 

But then she got right back to politics:

“For me, this is really the hard part because Paul was not the target… But it really – it’s really sad, because it is a flame that was fueled by misinformation and all the rest of that, which is most unfortunate. It shouldn’t – it has no place in our democracy.”

There is absolutely no evidence so far that supports anything about this attack being caused by “misinformation.” What we do know is that the criminal, David DePape, was using drugs and had long-standing mental health issues. We know that he was in this country illegally and that he had wild political views that covered a wide range including BLM, conspiracy theories, and radical nudist agendas. 

Pelosi Blaming Husband’s Attack on Republicans

The House Speaker went even further in the interview to place the blame for her husband’s attack on Republicans.

“…I do think that there has to be some message to the Republicans to stop, to stop the disinformation, because that is, without any question, a source of what happened on January 6th, and then the denial of all of that, and then the source of what is happening to me right now,” she said.

Pelosi tries to take the moral ground on political “misinformation,” but she lands in a line that includes President Joe Biden, former First Lady Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, and almost every member of the mainstream media that is blaming former President Donald Trump and Republican rhetoric for the attack on Paul Pelosi. And they are doing this without any evidence, the very definition of “misinformation.”

Does anybody remember Senator Chuck Schumer’s threat to the Supreme Court, Biden’s angry Independence Hall speech, and Rep. Maxine Water’s charge to riot after George Floyd’s death?

Yet Pelosi says that there is “one party” feeding the flame of violence.

The same is true about Pelosi’s charge that “one party” denies election results. Doesn’t anybody in the media remembers all the election doubt by Democrats surrounding the 2016 presidential race and Russian collusion?

As crazy as all Pelosi’s talk about the GOP was, it was not as crazy as what she said about herself: “…I’m very effective. I’m a great…master of the legislation. And on the policy side, on the political side, I’m an outstanding, shall we say, a master of the resources necessary, intellectual, financial or political, to win elections. And so they have to put a stop to me, right?”

Wow…who was hit on the head?