Opinion: ‘Wokeism’ Will Continue to Destroy Us Until We Fight Back

Wokeness has officially reached its peak. It has been reported a New Jersey school banned Halloween celebrations because they could be offensive to some warriors for social justice.

Halloween, and I’m not talking about actual witches or demonic goings-on, has zero impact on social justice. How can someone dress up as a cowboy, in a sombrero, or as a Smurf impact social justice? Seriously!?

It is one thing for individuals to hold ridiculous views, but another for our taxpayer-supported institutions to empower their false narratives. With this support, they negatively affect the lives of the vast majority in the country, who want normal life to prevail.

For instance, look at a recent school event in Long Island a few weeks ago. During a pep rally before homecoming, several students dressed up as Smurfs as a part of their overall theme. Smurfs are miniature, blue cartoon characters popular in the 80s. Part of their outfit includes white, fluffy hats.

So, the students applied blue paint to their faces and bodies and wore fluffy hats. That enraged the school’s social justice police.

One teacher said it was racially offensive. Of course, the idea is preposterous, but worse, other adults in authority backed up the educator instead of the students and required the kids to remove the Smurf paint.

The adults insinuated students were triggering by engaging in activity deemed ‘racist’ because they dressed up like Smurfs.

It shouldn’t be surprising.

Woke activists, who tend to have Marxist leanings, continue to infiltrate our government, our educational system, and our institutions.

Radicals have controlled our colleges long-term, becoming more evident as Hamas terrorist sympathizers on campus express support for the group’s murders and kidnappings of Israeli civilians, including dozens of children.

However, the Marxist philosophy has now seeped into our K-12 grades.

It begins with blocking schools from continuing to use names of mascots, including Indians, warriors, or chiefs. Although the names are intended as praise of American Indian pride and culture, woke white liberals have come to the conclusion they need to protect native Americans, of which few to none are complaining.

When we see directions from the state commanding schools, they must ensure social equity when punishment is doled out to students who create school disturbances or are violent.

For example, there is a disproportionately high number of suspensions of minority students, so the state determines it is ipso facto racism, and suspensions of students of color must be diminished.

It should be no matter if a student is Black, white, green, or Smurf blue. Violent students must be punished severely for the protection of the other students. Race shouldn’t be a factor. If violence is involved, it must be stopped. Period.

Woke Left’s new target is test scores

Now, woke warriors are working to eliminate high standards within schools, where a score of 50 can be counted as passing in some instances, while regents exams have become optional.

Exams that test cognition, including the SAT, are being eliminated in the name of social justice, all while China laughs at our falling standards.

Let’s also not forget one of the core principles of Marxism is to destroy the nuclear family. Family and reunion are the biggest enemies of Marxists.

Governmental elites do not want younger people to seek guidance from their clergy or parents. The leftist controllers of public education want complete control over our children and their minds.

New Jersey recently passed regulations that keep parents in the dark if their child identifies as a different gender at school. Wokesters also wants to normalize pedophilia by replacing the word pedophile with “minor attracted person.”

That feeds into the inclusion of books on the shelves of school libraries that glorify the sexual activities of 13-year-olds.

Do not be deluded into thinking incidents like these are no big deal or people protesting them are overreacting.

The transformation going on in our schools is taking hold now of thousands of schools nationwide.

It’s no surprise polls show young people hating their country to a larger extent than before.

More young people favor Marxism and socialism over a free market economy, and 40% of young people believe it is acceptable to a person’s right to free speech if it might be offensive to someone else.

Critical to the Marxist playbook — quash all political opposition, except for the woke talking points.

The fight isn’t only about keeping school events like Halloween available for students at school; it’s about preventing woke radicals from fundamentally changing the United States by poisoning the youth.

The majority of Americans are watching in unbelief as groups of enraged supporters of terrorists sought to break down the locked library doors of a college with several Jewish students sheltered inside in fear for their lives.

How did we get here in America?

Answer — by going woke.

Wokeism will continue to gather steam as long as the majority — from normal America — doesn’t fight back.