Opinion: Will a Connecticut Court Return Sanity and Common Sense to School Sports?

A recent story by the Associated Press (AP) is crammed with information for readers who have followed the invasion of women’s high school sports by trans athletes.

The story is a two-for-one gift. 

It first tells us, “Opponents of Connecticut’s policy letting transgender girls compete in girls high school sports will get a second chance to challenge it in court, an appeals court ruled Friday, which revived the case without weighing in on its merits.” 

Second, it demonstrates beyond doubt the AP’s seemingly intellectual and moral bankruptcy. 

For example, “…judges found the cisgender runners have standing to sue and have described injuries that might qualify for monetary damages. The runners also seek to alter certain athletic records, alleging they were deprived of honor and opportunities at elite track-and-field events because they say ‘male athletes’ were permitted to compete against them.”

“Cisgender” is a word made by gender-bending fanatics to describe ordinary boys and girls. No, not driven blind by perverse gender ideology would believe in using the word, which implies there is a wide range of genders. AP’s use of the term demonstrates the press are left-adherents first and foremost; reporters are distant seconds and thirds.

The AP implies this is an attack on “male athletes” when it is, in fact, an accurate description of males who pretend to be females for the sole purpose of competition. This is not a fair or balanced news organization. It is the work of volunteer socialists.

Once readers can make it past the gender lies and propaganda, there is positive news for the parents of female competitors.

The girls have the grounds to sue due to being forced to compete against men for monetary damages.

Runners also demand records from the races be corrected and male athletes who have run in female races be removed from the record.

“Robert Brooks, a lawyer for the Alliance Defending Freedom, said the decision was a victory ‘not only for the women who have been deprived of medals, potential scholarships, and other athletic opportunities but for all female athletes across the country.'”

The return of sanity to women’s sports is making progress.

So far, 20 states have banned trans athletes from playing on college and K-12 teams.

Connecticut has not done that yet, and those who fight for change are not optimistic the court will force a change. However, there is still hope.

The logical response to gender insanity would be to ban biological males from female sports — end of story.

Weak lawmakers could compromise by adding a separate category for trans athletes. In locations where that solution has been tried, it hasn’t been popular with trans athletes because it evens the playing field — literally.

Parents and female athletes trapped in school systems run by idealogues must protest in full force. It is a message even the oblivious, woke progressives can’t ignore.