Opinion: We Will Only Have Ourselves to Blame If Biden Tricks Us Again

The American people are finally waking up to the joke packaged and sold to them as ‘normal.’

It has undoubtedly taken a lot to arrive at this point, as most are understandably exhausted by Covid and all the chaos that came along with it. They were desperate for a breather, and optimistic Joe Biden would be able to provide it.

That is the significant part of why Biden was first elected president — by ultimately selling Americans on this desired relief following the chaos of 2020. Even though it was Biden’s supporters on the left, along with their media allies, ultimately responsible for sowing much of the same discord they allegedly sought to suppress. 

But the strategy worked.

Americans, however, are slowly realizing they were tricked, and the normalcy President Biden promised to return has been MIA. Biden’s promises to return to stability and safety have rendered instead a world on fire with new wars popping up everywhere, criminals bringing terror to U.S. cities unchallenged, and U.S. borders invaded.

The promised economic revival has also been a bust, as most necessities, like shelter and food, are almost unaffordable for hard-working Americans.

Even the president’s promised return to morality and decency has only seen increased degeneracy with displays of nudity on the White House lawn and hard drugs in its rooms.

Instead of a resurgent America after the pandemic, President Biden has overseen and spearheaded a dramatic decline in our country and worldwide.

As Kristen Soltis Anderson, a pollster, recently pointed out in The New York Times, polling shows former President Donald Trump has a substantial advantage with voters over the president on many of these issues, along with several others.

Furthermore, Anderson notes that polls show Americans looking approvingly at the Trump presidency, which seems like a hazy dream in comparison. They fondly recall the days when borders were secure, how much safer and better the world was, and their home and food prices affordable.

However, with Biden’s tanking approval ratings and Americans rejecting the status quo, Biden, along with his campaign, has turned to the strategy of painting Trump and his policies as a threat to democracy and extremism.

Although Biden and his allies are once again assuming the age-old political tactic of accusing your enemy of doing what you are doing.

They infected our country with disorder and chaos while Biden campaigned as an antidote for it. In 2024, they are now demolishing democracy, claiming Biden is the only one capable of rebuilding it.

Ultimately, it is Biden and his “saviors” of democracy that are actively working to advance its subversion by, for example, removing Trump from the ballot.

They are likewise suppressing democratic choice in their primary elections — a fact Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and others can firmly attest to.

Biden and his allies recently canceled Democratic primaries in critical states like Florida instead of subjecting himself to the democracy he says he cherishes.

Like in 2020, the media will blithely overlook this and instead focus on making Trump out to be a dictator bent on destroying America.

The president and his campaign are instructing the media on doing that so it will “correctly” report on it.

Americans might eventually see President Biden’s version of democracy in the same way they now see his “normalcy” and as a sham.

The question is whether U.S. citizens will allow themselves to be tricked once again before that happens. To be specific, Biden and his campaign are counting on it.

Biden fooled the country in 2020 and hopes to do the same again in 2024. As the old saying goes — Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

If he tricks Americans again, we will only have ourselves to blame.