Opinion: Texas’ New Immigration Statutes Aren’t Racist, Just Common Sense

For the past two years, Texas has been engulfed in illegal aliens. Because the Biden administration’s immigration policy goal is complete elimination of the border with Mexico, the Lone Star State has been unable to turn to the federal government for assistance. Accordingly, the Texas legislature recently passed legislation allowing local law enforcement officers to arrest foreign nationals for illicitly entering the United States.

The laws were still news when mainstream media outlets started crying, “Racism!” According to a headline in the U.K. news publication The Guardian, “Texas Legislators Pass Hardline Immigration Bill Denounced as Racist.” According to Spectrum News, the American Civil Liberties Union intends to sue, claiming the new legislation “fuels racial profiling and harassment.”

Racism accusations aren’t new in the sphere of immigration. Advocates of no borders want the public to believe U.S. immigration policies favor Caucasians who are European and discriminate against “Black and Brown folk.” But this is untrue and far from the truth.

To start, migrants aren’t a race. They come from all corners of the globe and every ethnic, religious, and racial background found on the planet. Together, migrants might include Africans, Asians, and Irish — none with a shared racial experience. Therefore, unless one detests the human race in general, it is impossible to be racist against immigrants.

The vast majority of people immigrating to the U.S. over the past four decades have been neither from European or Caucasian backgrounds.

According to Pew Research, Mexicans (25%), Asians (28%), and other Latin Americans (25%) each comprise around a quarter of the immigrant population in the United States, followed by 9% who were born in other regions.

The statistics hardly paint a picture of our country’s immigration policies designed to facilitate the perpetuation of predominantly Western Europe, White-dominated America.

While the immigrant population headed for the U.S.-Mexico border is continuing to change, it is hardly starting to mirror the demographics of Mayberry. The National Institute of Migration says citizens from 103 countries have passed through Mexico on their way into the United States.

That includes 39 Kyrgyzstanis, 345 Afghanis, four Swiss nationals, 738 Chinese, one from Singapore, various Latin Americans, and many Africans. In the meantime, there has been an impressive 500% increase in the number of Indian nationals trying to enter the U.S. by sneaking in from Mexico.

Given the volume of the data, why do claims all immigration restrictions are racist continue?

The United States has lost control of its borders. Those who benefit from out-of-control mass migration want to distract attention from genuine debate about the adverse effects. They don’t want well-informed, responsible people discussing the connections between the borders and issues like unemployment, increased crime, and shortage in housing.

So advocates who are anti-border take the easy way out and resort to intentional attempts to inhibit the consideration of fundamental questions that are at issue by claiming any policies related to immigration are “racist.” Accusations of racism are the most rapid way to put an end to meaningful debate in American politics today.

To put it simply, there isn’t anything in Texas’ new laws that would indicate the state wants to keep out the Afghanis and Chinese but want Caucasians. Texas’ issue with migrants isn’t based on race; it’s one of nationality.

Citizens of other nations do not have a right to enter America without the U.S. government’s permission. Congress has set strict limitations on who can and cannot be admitted to the United States.
The Biden administration has chosen to disregard the limits without asking Congress to change the statutes that put the restrictions in place.

Ultimately, the White House’s refusal to abide by the terms of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) puts public safety, national security, and American sovereignty at risk.

The Lone Star State’s concern isn’t keeping out migrants from any specific race. It is with ensuring that any migrants who are allowed into the country are admitted by the INA after proper screening and vetting.

Texas is only attempting to employ the principles of constitutional federalism to assume security functions and essential safety that the federal government has willfully abandoned. It is doing so to protect all Texans of any color, race, or creed. Eventually, in the end, nothing is less racist than that.