Opinion: Teach Children the Truth to Combat Hate

Our world abounds in self-deception.

We’re surrounded by false “truths” and lies that have taken root. The dogma is so interwoven in society that children see it as actual truth.

It isn’t a stretch to contend this is blatant indoctrination. 

From politics to the media, from the education system to relationships, this deception is now the norm that has been widely accepted in our workplaces, government, and schools.

Now, as a result, we face far-reaching consequences. This is especially true in our schools — primary, secondary, and graduate learning institutions.

We must snap out of it and address these issues, particularly when it comes to the “education” of children and doesn’t respect religious values in our school systems and society today.

Step one is to be vigilant and mindful about what our children are being taught in our country’s places of learning. It is crucial we return our focus to education, not politics. Shouldn’t education be the focus?

This means prioritizing academic excellence along with critical thinking. 

The place for religious values and family is at home. This role belongs to parents, not education bureaucrats.

These influences must be eliminated from our education systems, and the bureaucrats must be held accountable for honoring and respecting our society’s religions, values, and beliefs.

One of the most worrying aspects of the self-deception taught in education is blurring the lines between wrong and right.

When we teach children to accept falsehoods and lies as accurate, we twist their impressionable young minds, creating societal chaos and confusion.

The current trend of promoting the idea that biological sex is irrelevant and confusing gender identity has now gone far past being problematic. It doesn’t only confuse young minds but poses a substantial threat to the privacy and safety of women.

By allowing people to identify as a gender different than their biological/birth sex, the rights and protections of women are erased.

In the meantime, individuals with a different view of sex and gender seem to gain protection, with some suing women who stand up for their rights. Women who just want their rights protected. How is this now deemed too much to ask for? 

We spend billions of dollars to fight the rise of violence and hate. However, the current chaos and confusion permeating our world has only made the problem worse, and we must examine the root causes to address the issue and then effectively end it.

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government’s message was to embrace science. This was preached and shoved down our throats again and again.

But it is gender-identity policies that go against biology and science, which were pushed and continue to be.

What results can’t help but have a negative impact on the mental health of societies. It can be argued this is also contributing to the rise in crime and violence. They are byproducts of anxiety, anger, and frustration. At the same time, we disregard the all-too-frequent smash and grabs along with other serious crimes.

By breaking down traditional values and embracing relativism, you create an out-of-control and chaotic environment — a blur between wrong and right.

Teachers are now smack in the middle of the confusion. They cannot speak out against the left-leaning, progressive policies for fear of dismissal or the loss of a career.

Our society remains in crisis, empowered by criminals who feel powerful by acting out in ways that are socially unacceptable without fear of consequences.

We must teach our children the critical importance of traditional values and the strength that comes from living a moral, truthful life. This means we must reject the push for gender identity politics in our educational systems and make sure our children are taught to understand the biological differences between females and males.

We must hold people accountable for their actions and make sure those who commit crimes of violence are brought to justice. We must provide our children with the support and guidance necessary to navigate the complex modern world and grow to be responsible, compassionate members of society.

We must be involved — showing up for board meetings, attending public government gatherings, and at the voting booths.

Let’s put our good thoughts and motives to work and take action, defending our children, morality, and truth around the globe.