Opinion: Republicans Should Be Mindful of Newsom’s Strategies 

California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom gave a master class on how to promote and defend the presumptive presidential nominee of one’s political party when debating GOP Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida. The Grand Old Party needs to follow this example with its probable and eventual presidential nominee. If Republicans do, the party is likely to see the positive benefits on the November ballot.

Governor Newsom presented several statistics and arguments as to why he believes Bidenomics is working. Dems are likely to use these points throughout the presidential election.

Newsom additionally defended President Joe Biden’s ability to serve as president. Because the California governor is a Democrat, it isn’t surprising that he agrees with the policies and results of the current administration.

What is surprising is that the Golden State’s governor didn’t use the debate as an opportunity to explain why he should be the one to replace the elderly Biden on the presidential ticket or promote himself.

Newsom is considered by numerous Democrats to be the obvious choice to replace the president on the ballot. Despite the speculation and possible elevation onto the ticket, Newsom stook firm in his support of President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and their bid for reelection.

It is likely Newsom understood the ultimate goal for him — and Democrats — was to help elect a Democrat president in 2024 and defeat the GOP nominee. By staying focused on that objective, Gov. Newsom probably helped the Biden/Harris with voters.

Contrast the approach of Newsom with that of several Republicans. Some Republicans seem to always be ready to denounce former President Donald Trump — the GOP’s likely presidential nominee).

The mainstream media is of course eager to spotlight their attacks and interview them.

GOP Senator Mitt Romney from Utah, attacked former President Trump in interviews on “Person to Person with Norah O’Donnell” and “Meet the Press,” saying Trump’s campaign was one of “retribution, anger, and hate,” and that he would never vote for the former president and would even vote for Democrats instead of Trump. 

Paul Ryan, former Speaker of the House, maintained Trump was “toxic” and that he would never vote for Trump during an appearance on “Squawk Box.”

This is all happening during a presidential primary season. It is unacceptable for current and former GOP leaders to imply or state they would vote for a Democrat instead of former President Trump if indeed, he is the Republican nominee.

They should remember consequences of an election and what could happen if a Democrat winds the presidency in 2024. These leaders should be “Never Biden” instead of “Never Trump.”

Comments by these RINOs would likely have negative effects if Trump becomes the Republican nominee. These include:

  • Some GOP voters may vote for a third party candidate, not vote at all or vote for a Democrat. If Republican voters decide not to vote at all, it affects races from the U.S. Senate to district attorney, from Congress to state representatives.
  • The rhetoric may cause undecided voters, “on-the-fence” Dems and independents to vote for the Democrat candidate instead of the Republican.  
  • Comments may affect the news cycle. The news may cover GOP-on-GOP attacks instead of the nominee’s message to voters.
  • And finally, former President Donald Trump could have to spend time defending himself from Republican attacks instead of focusing on the Democrat opponent, meaning Trump would have to fight on several fronts.

What would happen if the GOP came together to adopt a strategy like Newsom’s of promoting the presumed Republican nominee? Articles and media interviews would contain Republicans giving the reasons to support fellow party members, instead of defeat them.

The nominee of the party’s messaging and platform would reach more voters and be stronger. One would see more effective social media posts from friends about the nominee. More GOP members would volunteer on the campaign. Non-Republicans and Republicans alike would likely be more excited for the GOP’s candidates. This excitement would probably translate into more Republican votes.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) should put out a statement indicting the comments of former Speaker Ryan and Senator Romney along with others don’t reflect the views of the GOP. Comments from the GOP should then include a solid defense of the targeted Republican.

This action will hopefully prevent other Republicans from attacking the nominee. If attacks continue, the GOP will have to put out stronger statements or ultimately consider expelling the attackers from the party.