Opinion: President Biden’s Weak Leadership Has Abandoned American Hostages for Over 100 Days

President Joe Biden’s weak leadership has allowed U.S. citizens to be held hostage by terrorists backed by Iran for 100 days.

On October 7, Israel was attacked, but it should be considered an attack on the U.S. as well. This assault was one of the most significant losses of American lives from terrorism since 9/11 and totaled around 32 deaths, with Hamas still holding six Americans captive 100 days later.

But Joe Biden won’t step up. 

Earlier in January, a bipartisan delegation visited four countries in the Middle East and focused solely on retrieving U.S. hostages from Hamas, which Iran backs. During the delegation’s time in Israel, the impact of Hamas’ brutality was witnessed while visiting Kibbutz Nir Oz.

A gentleman guided the group through the wreckage of his destroyed home. His son was taken hostage. The formerly beautiful oasis was surrounded by overturned furniture, shattered glass, walls blackened by fire, and kids’ stuffed animals and toys scattered around.

In the peace-loving community, Hamas terrorized children, killed the innocent, burned down homes, shot bullets into bedrooms, and violated the peace the Kibbutz embodies.

The delegation, armed with the horrific stories from each of the hostage families, traveled on to Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Qatar, and Israel to meet with senior government leaders and hostage negotiators to ask they do all in their power to bring hostages home. 

In meetings with hostage negotiators and senior leaders in these countries, the bicameral, bipartisan delegation delivered a strong message.

Partners in the region are encouraged to put pressure on Hamas to bring them back to the negotiating table and release citizens promptly. The message must reach not only Hamas but also its brutal terrorist backers.

The delegation spent time with the families of hostages who were anguished over not knowing the status of their loved ones. 

While the totality of their pain cannot be understood, they desperately seek action from the president and his team. 

Biden administration’s lack of action on hostages is unacceptable

The lack of action by the Biden administration is unacceptable. There should not be a greater priority than bringing home American hostages — quickly and safely—every minute counts.

Americans are being used as human shields without regular access to medical treatment, sleep, water, and food. After almost 100 days, none of the families know if their loved ones are still alive.

The administration must use all of its energy and diplomatic leverage to secure the lives of the remaining hostages. The fight continuing to be waged by Iran-backed Hamas is a battle between good and evil.

As long as Americans are in the hands of brutal thugs, the latter is currently the victor. Continuing to allow Americans to suffer under the terrorists’ yoke is a win for evil worldwide and a boon for proxies of Iran.

Every day hostages aren’t at home is a failure of Biden and his administration. This has continued for too long.

We have been holding the feet of our partners to the fire to reunite these separated families. The Biden administration must do more and follow the U.S.’s lead by bringing its total energy and leverage to confront this issue. American lives continue to be at risk. 

As hostage families call for America’s strength to reunite them with loved ones, there should only be one response — to bring Americans home. Now.