Opinion: Israel is Rightfully Defending Itself — This is Not Genocide

Falsely accusing Israel of genocide is not only cruel, it is revolting and blood libel.

Coordinator for strategic communications, White House National Security Council, Admiral John Kirby, declared Israel isn’t committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

“I heard this word ‘genocide’ tossed around. Hamas actually does have genocidal intentions against the people of Israel. They’d like to see it wiped off the map. They’ve said so on purpose. That’s what’s at stake here,” noted Kirby.

It is distressing to see Hamas-supporting protesters defacing the gate of the White House and shouting genocidal slogans that call for Israel’s elimination. They chanted other abhorrent slogans, including calling President Joe Biden’ Genocidal Joe’ because of his continuing support for Israel.

The crime of genocide is defined in the Constitution on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide that was approved on December 9, 1948, by the U.N. General Assembly 260A (III) and enforced beginning January 12, 1951. It was adopted to respond to the systematic murder of over six million Jews exterminated by the Nazis and their cohorts during the Holocaust.

Nazis were determined to commit actual genocide in what was referred to as the ‘Final Solution’ to the Jewish problem. ‘The Jewish Problem’ is a euphemism for the extermination of the entire Jewish race.

The genocide crime requires the intent to destroy, in part or whole, an ethnic, national, religious, or racial group. It is ridiculous to attribute such a horrific intent to Israel. Overall, actual data from the census belies any such claim.

The Muslim Arab Israeli population, the Palestine Authority (PA) controlled areas as well as Gaza have grown instead of declining. Considering the statistics for the population of ethnically diverse Jerusalem, which is the most populous city in Israel, is a crucial example. Over the years since 1967, when it was reunified, the increase in the Muslim population has been uniformly greater.

Israel isn’t conducting ethnic cleansing — Hamas is

Israel isn’t conducting ethnic cleansing. However, there is no specific legal definition of ethnic cleansing under international law; the term was utilized to describe the horrific conduct that occurred among the constituent nations that emerged following the dissolution of Yugoslavia.

The Genocide Prevention U.N. Office describes ethnic cleansing as “a purposeful policy designed by one ethnic or religious group to remove by violent or terror-inspiring means the civilian population of another ethnic or religious group from certain geographic areas.”

Using the term ethnic cleansing against Israel and not H amas is absurd; it’s dishonest and cynically designed to evoke uncontrolled furor.

Hamas invaded Israel ruthlessly by horrifically murdering over 1,200 people and committing unspeakable atrocities, including holding around 200 people hostage after kidnapping people and maiming over 4,000 more and committing atrocities. Israel has strived to protect citizens mightily in its efforts to eradicate Hamas’ evil.

The use of these horrendous and explosive terms to vilify Israel for misdeeds goes beyond being merely slanderous and inappropriate. It would appear the classic scam of projecting to others their sins and flaws might be at the center against Israel.

As of now, PA law prohibits the sale of land to Jews. Those who break the state law are subject to substantial penalties the PA doesn’t shirk from imposing. Hamas and the PA also continue to spew antisemitism and glorify and incite terrorism as well as shirk from imposing. Hamas and the PA also emit traditional antisemitism, praise, and incite the destruction of Israel. This includes promoting hateful rhetoric that is antisemitic, along with teaching children in schools to hate Jews.

The terrorist organization Hamas enshrined the goal of destroying Israel

Hamas continues to espouse genocidal and antisemitic doctrines targeting Jews. It requires an armed Jihad against Israel to eliminate the nation.

The Palestinian National Charter additionally describes the entire Land of Israel, including the land that is inside the 1948 cease-fire lines, as belonging to the Arab Palestinian people, as well as calls for liberation through an armed struggle.

Despite the assurances it would be amended to recognize the Israeli State, this has never actually occurred.

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, in their actions and words, express their desire to commit the very evil crimes and deeds that they ascribe to Israel. In a propagandist fashion, they contrive to accuse and blame their criminal intent on Israel’s cynical attempts for distraction. Unfortunately, many will still fall to the invented ruses.

It is encouraging to see many who know in their hearts and souls that Hamas is evil and embrace moral clarity. Hamas is designated officially as a terrorist organization by the EU, Australia, Japan, and the U.S.

Israel must continue to unequivocally be supported in its efforts to root out terrorist evil, Hamas. This isn’t an easy task. However, Israel does not have a choice. It has the sovereign duty and right to protect its citizens.

May God grant Israel success in its mission. Protect their soldiers and return them and the hostages home to their loved ones.