Opinion: How We Can Halt Hatred for Religious Conservatives

It has become apparent that America’s political “Progressives” and “Far-Left,” along with elites everywhere, are preoccupied with hate in speech or otherwise. Still, they feel just that toward religious conservatives.

But why?

Most Americans who are religious conservatives are Christian. However, hatred for them seems to not only be about Christianity in particular or about religion in general. It also doesn’t seem to be about conservative politics.

So then, where does the hatred stem from?

When you boil it down, the hatred seems to be for an individual’s independent choice to select their values to live by and direct their own life through careful thought and efficient productivity.

These very attributes have been incorporated throughout the entirety of Christianity. Once the harmony between reason and faith is truly understood, it logically follows that Christian conservatives tend to be small business people and entrepreneurs like “Mom and Pop” shop owners, franchisees, private contractors like architects and attorneys, tradespeople like property managers, and construction workers and farmers.

They are usually creative and energetic. Their desire for independence and autonomy fuels their drive to succeed in their chosen endeavors, taking pride in achievements and providing sustenance for their families. If they aren’t owners of their businesses, they tend to find productive, respectable, and satisfying work provided by others who appreciate their contributions and talents. They also tend to value property ownership because they have earned it themselves.

These U.S. citizens are economically in the middle class, providing for themselves by their judgment and skills and resisting laws interfering with their activities and individual decisions. They also respect the rights specified in the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

These independent Americans don’t victimize others or view themselves as victims despite their social or economic status. But, for some reason, they have become a thorn in the side of both those who victimize others and those who consider themselves victims.

They trade goods and services for money from others who want to purchase their services and goods. This system of voluntary trading is called “capitalism.” Capitalism is the only economic system that works well for and protects the individual rights of all people without the use of coercion through fascism, socialism, communism, collectivism, progressivism, or any combination.

Fundamentally, it is a free enterprise system that both liberal elites and those dependent on the system wish to destroy, explaining why they hate conservatives who want to preserve it.

Middle-class Americans stand in the way of the others’ symbiotic wishes because of their independence from either. Karl Marx was the first to conceptualize this notion of class warfare notion. Lenin also said, “The way to crush the bourgeoisie (middle class) is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”

Lenin’s plan is what is happening in today’s America — rapidly increasing state, federal, and local taxes in various forms (hidden charges, energy penalties, add-ons, etc.) and skyrocketing inflation caused by outrageous government spending. Small businesses are closing at an astounding rate. Younger Americans are focused on getting meaningless college degrees, while shortages of skilled laborers like welders and plumbers and sky-high federal debt have risen to unmanageable degrees.

The list of the financial destruction of the middle class is endless. America has become a country of “haves” and “have-nots.” Add millions of illegal migrants who live on tax-payer dollars, but demand improved housing along with phones, food, healthcare, and child-education.

In addition, middle-class Americans are being betrayed by “elite” legislators. Too many in the GOP are Leftists in sheep’s clothing, and middle-class Americans must vote tricksters out of office.

What can Americans who support freedom and self-reliance do? They must speak up for their values. Their political values. They must also stand up for rights that preserve and protect their independence and ability to provide for their families without interference from the government.

Suppose self-reliant Americans don’t stand up for those bent on destroying their independence via mandates and regulations or bleed them dry through inflation and taxation. In that case, they will have participated in their demise.

The liberty-loving, productive middle class is only a portion of today’s citizens who can prevent the destruction of the United States as a free country.

Christians comprise the most significant part of this class. They can and must practice their religion privately, not infringing on the rights of others who may differ. However, they must now publicly fight to preserve America’s heritage of self-sufficiency, individual freedoms, and self-motivated industry.

Resistance, voices, reason, and action in significant numbers across America will save freedom in our country.