Opinion: Biden’s Iran, China Appeasement is a Cry for U.S. Leadership Change

America and its allies face the most significant national security threats since World War II with, and primarily due to, a high-level U.S. vacuum in leadership.

Despite its own failing economy, China is advancing its global communist military agenda, including a forcible conquest of Taiwan, with uncontested impunity while conducting massive spying campaigns against our government officials and defense operations.

Iran is being rewarded access to several billions of dollars for ransoming American hostages as well as millions in “humanitarian” aid to Hamas as it sold sanctioned oil to China, fires missiles at U.S. military benefits, and supplies proxies and weapons for wars in Gaza and Ukraine.

Then, while Iran races to achieve the capabilities of nuclear weapons, the Biden administration chooses to wage wars against U.S. fossil-fueled energy independence and climate change.

Concessions to China

It was increasingly painful to witness recent photo ops of President Joe Biden and his administration negotiating urgent national security matters with China’s President Xi Jinping and his cronies while furtively hoping for any good results.

Included was Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who previously headed Joe’s University of Pennsylvania Biden Center think tank funded by significant Chinese donations where illegal classified documents were discovered.

Also in attendance was Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser, who had bragged about serenity and calm in the Middle East only weeks before savage Hamas attacks on 20 cities in Israel, along with Climate Envoy John Kerry, who joined with him as an ardent supporter of the failed “Iran Nuclear Deal.”

Many crucial issues could have been addressed.

President Xi had quashed Biden’s plea for discussions over several months and, during the interim, subjected Blinken to embarrassing treatment during his Chinese diplomatic trip.

For example, the president may have thought to bring up concerns about spying regarding the giant spy balloon that flew across highly sensitive U.S. military sites, government hacking into unclassified email accounts of Blinken’s top aides and Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, and Chinese sponsorship of a spy base in Cuba.

 Xi agreed to clamp down on Chinese companies that manufacture and then export materials used to produce lethal fentanyl that is flowing freely with criminal elements — including presumed terrorists — across Biden’s open southern border.

In exchange, the U.S. side agreed to discontinue deadly climate-killing carbon dioxide by shutting down U.S. fossil fuel energy and purchasing China’s marked-down zero-emission wind turbines and solar panels.

Recall Beijing’s oversupply of solar panels was exacerbated by Trump’s tariffs, implementation of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, and threats to impose anti-dumping duties, which prevented those made with polysilicon from China from entering the country.

This all is going on as China builds the equivalent of a new coal-fired plant weekly and daily orders of over new coal-fired each from Russia and Iran to support their wars in Ukraine and Israel, respectively.

Additional money for Iran mullahs

After agreeing to unfreeze $6 billion in ransom to free five U.S. hostages previously, the Biden administration reissued a sanctions waiver by the State Department in July. It was part of an unwritten nuclear agreement that gives Iran access to over $10 billion in revenue for electricity and gas supplies to oil-rich Iraq.

Noted by Wall Street Journal editors, the president bypassed the predictable rejection of such a waiver and hoped it would help keep Middle Eastern region tensions quiet until after the 2024 election.

According to inspectors for the U.N., Iran’s stockpile of highly enriched near-weapons-grade uranium grows unchecked. Reuters reports Tehran will soon have enough material to create three nuclear bombs.

In addition to another estimated $80 billion in illicit Iran oil sale sanction relief given since Biden took office, another minimal $100 million earmarked in direct U.S. funding for “humanitarian assistance in both Gaza and the West Bank” can be added.

Few informed individuals can doubt this charity will instead finance Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PLJ), Iran-backed Hamas, and Lebanese Hezbollah proxies along with continued Tehran missile and drone attacks on U.S. military installations in Iraq and Syria — almost 60 during only the past month.

America has only fired back in retaliation three times, being careful to target vacant facilities exclusively. Weak management from the Biden administration does not want to risk angering mullahs.