New Rasmussen Poll: Americans Support No Cease-Fire in Gaza, Agree with Netanyahu

Most Americans agree with Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, and his refusal of a cease-fire in Gaza, according to the most recent Rasmussen Reports survey.

Israeli forces are engaged in retribution against Hamas, which sent terrorists to attack southern Israel on October 7. Over 200 hostages, including some Americans, were taken to Gaza as hostages.

Rasmussen asked around 995 likely voters if they agreed with the October 30 statement from Netanyahu: “Calls for a cease-fire are calls for Israel to surrender to Hamas, to surrender to terrorism, to surrender to barbarism. That will not happen.”

A total of 68% said they agreed with Netanyahu’s statement, including 49% who agreed strongly. Only 21% said they disagreed, with 10% saying they strongly disagreed. Another 10% say they are unsure.

Americans have also become increasingly sympathetic to Israel.

Additionally, Rasmussen Reports asked, “Looking at the history of Israel and Palestine, do you sympathize more with the Israelis or the Palestinians?”

A total of 59% say they sympathize more with Israelis — which is an increase from 51% in 2019. Only 118% said they are more sympathetic to Palestinians. An additional 23% are undecided.

Democrats are increasingly sympathetic toward Israel than other voters and less likely to agree with the prime minister’s rejection of a cease-fire in Gaza. 

A total of 48% of Democrats say they sympathize more with Israelis, compared to 70% of the GOP and 60% of unaffiliated voters.

Dems, GOP agree strongly with Prime Minister Netanyahu

Only 38% of Democrats agree strongly with PM Netanyahu that those calling for a Gaza cease-fire and calling “for Israel…to surrender to terrorism.” That was compared to 64% of the GOP and 46% of unaffiliated voters.

Overall, 54% of likely voters say they have a positive impression of the Israeli prime minister, including 28% who have a favorable opinion. A total of 31% say they view Netanyahu unfavorably, including 15% who have a very unfavorable impression. An additional 15% are unsure.

In 2019, 37% of respondents had a favorable opinion of the prime minister.

Among voters in the party, 66% of GOP voters, 46% of Democrats, and 50% of unaffiliated voters say they have at least a favorable impression of Netanyahu.

Voters under 40 are around three times more likely than elders to sympathize with the Palestinians.

Although 59% of voters aged 40 and older favor Netanyahu, only 43% of those under 40 share that view.

President Joe Biden’s strongest supporters favor the Israeli prime minister less. Among voters who approve strongly of the president’s job performance, only 36% say they have a favorable impression of Netanyahu.

Among people who disapprove strongly of Biden’s performance, 68% say they view Prime Minister Netanyahu favorably.