New Gallup Poll: Biden’s Worldwide Approval Dropping

International approval of President Joe Biden’s U.S. leadership has dropped in his second year in office. However, according to a new Gallup poll of 137 territories and countries, America is still polling vastly ahead regarding world leaders. 

The survey shows that approval of U.S. leadership dropped from 41% to 39% throughout Europe during the president’s second year, from 52% to 36% in the Americas. 

The leadership of the U.S. saw high approval numbers in Poland (80%), Kosovo (90%), Israel (65%), Nigeria (78%), and the Philippines (62%); however, it was unpopular in Iran (8%), Russia (4%), and the Palestinian territories (13%). 

However, the leadership of Russia dropped almost everywhere, except for staying high in some African countries, including Mali, in West Africa, where the Russian Wagner mercenary group has a presence. In that area, approval of the Russian government was at a high 90%.

Meanwhile, Germany has been deemed the least polarizing, with its approval dropping from 2021 but still having a lower disapproval rate than the United States rate. 

Other numbers show approval of U.S. leadership at 59% and Chinese at 52% in sub-Saharan Africa. China polled ahead of the U.S. in only a few countries, including Russia. The country scored a median approval rate of 23% in the Americas and 16% in Europe. 

Asia had a mixed response, with China polling ahead in Iran and Pakistan; however, India approved highly of the U.S. 

President Joe Biden’s approval rating continues to slip as he begins his campaign

As President Joe Biden begins his reelection campaign, his job approval from the U.S. public has fallen 37% to the lowest Gallup has measured him to date. His job approval has been in the low 40% range for the majority of the past 19 months, not including the current rating and a 38% score last July. 

The president’s latest approval rating is from a Gallup poll taken April 3-25, completed the day he announced he would be seeking reelection, and marks a three-point drop from March and a five-point drop from February. 

The drop has pulled down Biden’s approval rating for his recently completed ninth quarter in office. The quarter spanned from January 20 through April 19, to 39.7%, the lowest average in his presidency. 

Ronald Reagan was the only president with a lower ninth-quarter average among elected presidents post-World War II. In 1983, Reagan’s low ratings came during a period when the unemployment rate exceeded 10% following the 1981-1982 economic recession. 

Donald Trump and Jimmy Carter had slightly better approval ratings than Reagan and Biden, with both just above 40%. Four presidents, including John Kennedy, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Dwight Eisenhower, averaged better than 60% approval during their ninth quarters in office. 

In the same month, Gallup found President Biden’s approval rating hitting an all-time low. According to Trump pollster Tony Fabrizio, Trump trails Biden by three points, and Ron DeSantis, who has not yet declared his candidacy, leads Biden by three points.