New CBS Poll: Nikki Haley Cuts Trump’s Lead in New Hampshire to 15 Points

A new CBS New Hampshire Republican primary poll has shown a surge for former Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley, who now trails former President Donald Trump by only 15 points released Sunday.

Haley is the most “reasonable” (51%) and “likable” (55%) among the Republican candidates, but it is still Trump who gets the majority (51%) of those who say he can “definitely” defeat Biden. Haley is far behind with 31%.

The entire GOP New Hampshire primary poll results are as follows:

• Trump 44%
• Haley 29%
• Florida Governor Ron DeSantis 11%
• Former Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie 10%
• Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy 5%
• Former Governor of Arkansas Asa Hutchinson 1%

CBS wrote in the analysis of the poll, “We estimate that Trump’s current support would translate to winning a majority of delegates in Iowa (21-26 of them), and 10-16 delegates in New Hampshire. Haley’s support in New Hampshire would get her 5-8 delegates with DeSantis and Christie’s support hovering around the state’s 10% threshold to qualify for any delegates at all.”

Never-Trumper Governor of New Hampshire Chris Sununu, recently endorsed Haley over DeSantis, drawing the anger of Trump at a Durham, New Hampshire rally on Saturday.

“He’s like a spoiled brat,” said Trump in a rally speech.

Trump mentioned Sununu, not by name, because the “RINO” (Republican in name only) operative refused to assist his campaign in any past elections.

“Nobody’s ever fought for your state like I did,” said Trump, and noted he helped keep the state’s first in the nation primary — unlike the Democrats and President Joe Biden, who gave that to South Carolina. “I didn’t like your governor very much, but I got him everything he needed.”

Despite Trump’s lead in the poll, he also had a high rating of unfavorability among respondents, holding at 36%. However, he was not the most disliked candidate, with Christie at 60 percent, followed by Gov. DeSantis at 40 percent.

The Post and Monmouth poll matched a recent survey by Emerson College Polling survey. In the poll, Trump led the group at 49%, followed by Haley at 18 percent. The Emerson poll also found DeSantis at 7 percent and Christie at 9 percent.

The Post and Monmouth poll was conducted November 9-14 and featured responses from 606 voters in New Hampshire who were undeclared or registered as Republicans. The sampling error margin was 4.5 percentage points.

YouGov conducted The CBS News poll on December 8-15, 2023, among 855 New Hampshire registered voters. The margin of error is plus or minus 5.5 percentage points.