New Amnesty Bill Makes GOP Look Soft on Immigration

This is the proverbial “insult to injury.” The injury took place in the November midterms when the GOP failed to seize the day by gaining a decisive victory and majority in Congress. And now the party seems like a lame duck in this crazy amnesty deal that was passed this week. 

Some Republicans in the US Senate have come to a tentative agreement on a bill that would legalize two million illegal immigrants while offering essentially nothing to help curtail the current border chaos under the Biden Administration. 

This latest move comes on the heels of a number of GOP capitulations over Biden’s first term (and hopefully only term). Republicans stalled on the infrastructure bill, gun control, and the Respect for Marriage Act. It seems like the party just plans on giving the Democrats exactly what they want. 

Matt Vespa, from Town Hall, wrote an article discussing the details of this new amnesty plan. The Washington Post first reported on a white paper that described the Tillis Sinema blueprint that was being passed around Capitol Hill. 

These are some of the details in the combined reports: There is a path to citizenship for approximately 2 million dreamers. There is a huge increase in resources to speed up the process of asylum seekers that include new processing centers and more officials and judges for the process. 

There are also more resources to expedite the removal of migrants who don’t qualify for asylum. There is a continuation of the Title 42 covid-health-rule restriction on migrants applying for asylum. And there will be more funding for border officers. 

New Bill Allows Protections for 2 Million Dreamers

This compromise, politically, will give Democrats protection for 2 million dreamers and also increase defenses of the due process rights of migrants. It will give Republicans faster removal of migrants who don’t qualify for asylum and prevent them from staying in the country. 

The truth is this deal is woefully lopsided in favor of the Democrats. They get everything that they want and guarantee zero for those seeking security at the border. 

The “Dreamers” who will become citizens will likely be Democratic voters in the future and now there will be more money available to process their asylum more quickly. 

What does the GOP get from the sucker deal? Vague promises of quicker removal of migrants who don’t qualify for asylum. But there is no real enforcement mechanism in place – just a “yet-to-be-determined” funding for more border officers. 

There is no doubt that this amnesty decision will bring more incentive for migrants to cross the border illegally. And the expedited process will ensure that more people are released into the system faster. Human traffickers will love this. 

President Biden is still in control of any enforcement mechanism that is put into place, so any money made available for more border patrol officers is really meaningless. 

But all of this doesn’t even answer the most important question: Why was this compromise made now? The GOP just took back the House of Representatives and they could have gained some real concessions in a future immigration bill. Yet, Senate Republicans like Thom Tillis are ready to give this one away. Again, why?

If there was logic involved, you would not deal with provisions for those already here until you have brought security to the border where they entered. 

Someone needs to stand up in Congress and say that this bill is perpetuating a system that is failing and will add significant incentive for more illegal immigrants to cross the border. The promises of increased enforcement are empty. There shouldn’t be a single Republican who votes for the measure.