Nearly Half of Voters Think Biden Lied to Get Elected, Worse Off Now Than Before

Voters are increasingly skeptical over whether President Joe Biden has delivered his campaign promises. According to a recent Zogby survey, a majority of respondents say that he oversold to the point of lying just to get elected. 

In the latest Zogby Poll, 45.7% of likely voters say President Biden was lying, while 38.2% said he delivered, with the remaining 16.1% unsure.

According to the poll, the level of education seems to play a part in how voters view the president’s first year in office. Nearly half of voters with college degrees believe that he “delivered on his campaign promises.”

According to the poll, the administration’s unfocused response to the Covid-19 pandemic and 40-year high inflation numbers are among the factors cited in the survey as problematic for Biden’s first term.

“There are more Democrats abandoning ship and calling for the president not to run in 2024,” according to the Zogby analysis. “Things are so bad for the Democrats right now; you are starting to see Bill and Hillary Clinton reappear in public. Imagine Democrats trotting out Hillary as the change candidate in 2024! That could make Donald Trump look appealing to swing voters!”

The Zogby poll also broke down enthusiasm for Biden’s term, with 43.5% of likely voters telling Zogby Analytics that they were worse off, with 29.8% reporting that life is better under Biden.

According to individuals polled, life stayed the same for 26.7%. Among African Americans, 41% said they thought their lives had stayed the same, with a quarter of respondents saying their lives are worse off.

49% of white and 37% of Hispanic respondents reported they were worse off under the Biden administration for Hispanic and white voters. Pollsters emphasized that this may be problematic for Democrats ahead of the November midterms, as Hispanics and African Americans are vital parts of President Biden’s base.

“Biden has endured one of the toughest first years as a president in recent memory. Biden could suffer humiliating defeats in the 2022 congressional midterms with so many fires to put out. This is not good for Democrats,” explained Zogby pollsters.

“Like Republicans four years ago when Donald Trump was president, the Democrats may need to distance themselves from the president to have a chance of keeping the House or Senate.”

Low marks after the first year

In President Biden’s inaugural address a year ago, he promised a bold governing agenda, prioritized defeating the coronavirus, and championed unity.

However, as Biden starts his second full year as president, most Americans give him low marks for competency, ability to handle a crisis, and uniting the country, according to results of a new NBC poll. 

In the NBC poll, six-in-10 disapprove of the president’s handling of the economy, with half giving him negative marks on dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Among adults, his overall job approval numbers stand at 54 percent disapproval and 43 percent approval.

According to the bipartisan team of pollsters conducting the NBC News poll, the numbers under Biden’s overall approval rating paint a grim picture for the White House and Biden’s administration. Biden’s standing among crucial parts of his Democratic base has eroded. Fifteen percent of Americans strongly approve of his job performance, with 43 percent strongly disapproving. Only 5 percent of respondents believe Biden’s presidency has been better than expected.

According to Republican pollster Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies, “This poll would have to be described as bleak, discouraging and truly terrible.”