Most Recent Tucker Carlson: Episode 12, Part 1 Devon Archer

In the 12th episode of his newest production, “Tucker on Twitter,” (now known as X) former primetime Fox News host Tucker Carlson conducted a sit-down interview with Devon Archer, former business partner and friend of Hunter Biden.

Archer gave testimony in a closed-door session before the House Oversight Committee Monday and testified that Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, put his father on speakerphone with other individuals, including business contacts, approximately 20 times over the course of a decade — including during the time his father served as Vice President. 

During the interview, Archer confirmed the number to Carlson, saying, “Over a 10-year partnership…the number I’m going with is 20. That’s probably the amount that I kind of record. Yeah, a lot.”

The ex-business partner of Hunter Biden went on to add, “I don’t know if it was an orchestrated call-in or not. It certainly was powerful, though, because, you know, if you’re sitting with a foreign business person and you hear the vice president’s voice, that’s prize enough. That’s pretty impactful stuff.”

Archer agreed with Carlson during the interview when the former cable news host commented that it was out of the ordinary for someone, especially an adult, to call their parent on speakerphone in the middle of a business meeting. 

Carlson got Archer to admit that Joe Biden’s presence on speakerphone during business meetings was “An Abuse of Soft Power.”

He questioned Archer, “You’ve got a lot of kids. You’re close to them. Do you call them on speaker during business meetings?” 

Archer laughed nervously and responded, saying, “Umm…do I call?”

“What is that? A grown man calling his dad on speakerphone during a business meeting?… It’s not just, hey, Dad, I’m in a meeting with some buddies. It’s let me put my dad, the Vice President, on speaker,” said Carlson.

“Yep. In the rearview, it’s an abuse of soft power; I’d say,” Archer admitted.

Carlson also showed Archer a letter from then-Vice President Biden, addressed to him

Carlson also showed a letter from Vice President Joe Biden to Archer, saying, “This is the Vice-President of the United States. He’s not allowed to be working on business with foreign governments when he’s vice-president.”

“Not that I know of,” Archer said. 

“But here he is,” stated Tucker.

The Wednesday “Tucker on Twitter” episode was labeled “part 1” of Carlson’s interview with Devon Archer. During the interview, Carlson teased a “much longer” interview with Archer’s “entire story” is forthcoming. 

As of 11:30 p.m. EST Wednesday evening, the episode had 13 million views. Altogether the 12 episodes posted to the conservative host’s Twitter account @TuckerCarlson have been seen over 525 million times. 

President Joe Biden has gone on the record several times denying he has ever spoken to his son about his overseas business dealings; however, the rhetoric of the White House related to the topic has changed over time, with Karine Jean-Pierre, the president’s press secretary, telling reporters last week that Biden “was never in business with his son.”