More Than 1 Million Voters Leave Democratic Party

There is definitely a movement across the country, many suburban swing voters who were responsible for gains in the Democratic Party in recent years are switching sides and becoming Republicans. 

Within the last year, more than 1 million voters in 43 different states have moved to the GOP, according to voter registration information analyzed by the Associated Press. This trend is taking place in just about every region of the nation, in both Democrat and Republican states and both big cities and small towns. This has been a phenomenon since Joe Biden became president. 

This trend is most significant and most dangerous for Democrats in the suburbs, the home of the well-educated swing voters who turned their backs on the Trump Republican Party. 

Over the last year, these voters are swinging back to the GOP, especially in areas like Atlanta, Denver, 

Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. But Republicans are also gaining ground in medium-sized cities as well around the country. Some political experts believe that this trend is more about rejecting the agenda on the left than it is embracing the right. 

The Associated Press looked at almost 1.7 million voters who had switched Party affiliations across 42 states over the last 12 months. They revealed a definite reversal from when Trump was in office and Democrats saw a slight edge in the number of people switching parties nationwide. 

Voters Abandon Biden & Democratic Agenda

Now, out of the 1.7 million who changed their party affiliation, almost two-thirds of them shifted to the GOP. 

The Democrats are hoping that the recent ruling from the Supreme Court will swing the odds back in their favor in the coming midterm elections. But there is certainly a reason for them to feel threatened with power in Congress hanging in the balance. 

When the Democratic National Committee was asked to respond to the surge in voters switching parties, they declined to comment. 

Emily Seidel leads the organization Americans for Prosperity. She said her network is seeing that suburban voters are moving away from Democrats who have what they consider to be extreme policy positions. 

Seidel said, “But that doesn’t mean that they’re ready to vote against those lawmakers either. Frankly, they’re skeptical of both options that they have. The lesson here: Candidates have to make their case, they have to give voters something to be for, not just something to be against.”

And Jessica Kroells may represent the thoughts of many just like her. She is a 39-year-old homemaker from a suburban area in Colorado. Jessica said that she can no longer vote for Democrats even though she was committed to the party up until 2016. She did not have one “aha” moment, but by 2020, she said the party had left her behind. She doesn’t believe the party is still Democrat, but it is progressive socialism.