McCarthy Vows to Subpoena “51 Intelligence Officers” Who Lied about Hunter’s Laptop

It’s impossible to quantify just how much harm the “51 Intelligence Officers” did to America by lying about Hunter Biden’s laptop two weeks before the 2020 election. 

The country has been wrecked by two years of incompetence from Joe Biden’s regime. This never should have happened. Polling on the laptop indicates that it would have been determinative in the election, if the public had known the truth. But the intelligence officers lied by claiming the laptop was Russian disinformation, which provided the media cover to lie about it with what seemed like credibility to many voters. 

Those 51 liars should be held accountable.

Fortunately, it looks like the Republican-controlled House is going to do just that. Presumed House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says those 51 intel officers are going to be subpoenaed about the letter they signed before the election.

When the New York Post broke the story about Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell,” those 51 former intel officials signed a joint letter, claiming that the laptop had “all the hallmarks of Russian disinformation.” The allegation, of course, was meant to make people think that Russia was meddling in our elections just like they did in 2016 (which was conclusively disproven). And it gave the bootlickers in the media the chance to just follow that script, instead of looking too closely at the laptop.

The problem, of course, is that the laptop was authentic. The emails and text messages that Hunter Biden recorded on it were his. Anyone who spent an hour looking into the contents of the laptop could have verified it. The media didn’t do that, and neither did the 51 intel officers who discounted it. 

And this really isn’t about Hunter Biden’s penchant for hookers and hard drugs, although the human trafficking and narcotics depicted in his personal videos were definitely felonies. It’s about the corruption of the Biden family, including Joe Biden, which was proven in the files on the laptop.

The Biden family sold American foreign policy to countries like China, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. They pocketed millions of dollars in exchange for quid pro quos with foreign countries while Joe Biden was Obama’s vice president. Many of those countries are outright enemies of the United States, such as China. And Joe Biden sure does seem to be eager to send as many of our tax dollars to Ukraine as possible, doesn’t he? Do you think that maybe the Ukrainian government has some dirt on Joe Biden that they plan to release if he turns off the money spigot to them?

The laptop was real, but the 51 intelligence officers lied about this to benefit a political candidate. 

“Why did they sign it?” McCarthy asked on Fox News last weekend. “Why did they lie to the American public? A Clapper, a Brennan? Why did you use the reputation that America was able to give to you more information, but use it for a political purpose and lie to the American public?”

He raises a good point. Are there no standards whatsoever left when it comes to handling a security clearance? Why do any of these 51 former intel officers still have security clearances? They’re running their mouths off on CNN and MSNBC every day, still insisting that the Russia collusion hoax was real, and the Hunter Biden laptop was fake. They need to pay a price for their lies. 

All of the economic pain and suffering the American people are going through right now can be laid at the feet of these liars. The laptop was real, and they knew it was real. But they lied to help rig the 2020 election and install the candidate that they preferred over the candidate that the voters preferred.