“Lots of Words, No Solutions”: Karine Jean-Pierre Blasted for Response to Record-Border Crossings

Twitter users blasted White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s response to southern border crossings reaching record levels. Recent reports by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection revealed a record-breaking more than 227,000 border encounters in September, with more than 2.3 million in the fiscal year 2022. 

When a reporter asked Jean-Pierre about the report, the press secretary responded, noting that many of the individual encounters are “driven by people who are fleeing falling regimes and economic collapse” and continued to attack Republicans for ‘taking advantage of them.’

“We’re seeing, again, a different challenge ahead of us that we’re dealing with. But, you know, and we’ve talked about this while we’re trying to deal with the challenges, as you all know, you have Republican governors who are using these migrants, using these folks who are trying to flee communism, falling regimes, and economic collapse. As I just mentioned, they’re using them as a political pawn, which you’ve heard us call out many times from here, and you’ve heard the president call out. We are hard at work in driving toward a regional solution to manage this new challenge,” answered Jean-Pierre.

“So we are doing the work every day to make sure that we deal with what we’re seeing in the southern border,” added Jean-Pierre. Her response to the reporter was mocked online for ignoring the rise of illegal immigration and the administration’s Biden administration’s role in it.

“Sorry border Democrats, but this is the White House’s response to the crisis that is going to sink your campaigns in the home stretch,” said Matt Whitlock, Republican communicator. “Amazing how somehow we’ve gone two years without anyone in the Biden Admin being forced to concede that RELEASING illegals into the U.S. by the millions (instead of deporting them) is the reason more illegals are crossing than has ever occurred before in the long history of nations,” wrote Stephen Miller, Trump advisor.

According to Ryan Petty, a Florida Board of Education member, “If this were true, would there not be a net outflow? I know I’m not alone in saying I’d love to flee the failing Biden regime and its devastating economic policies.”

“Lots of words, no solutions?”

“Yes, hard at work at letting everyone in. Lots of words. No solutions,” wrote Amanda Makki, a U.S. congressional candidate.

Ross Kaminsky, a radio talk show host, tweeted, “Literally nobody (by which I mean to include KJP herself) is buying what she’s trying to sell. Well, she seems clueless enough that maybe she believes it. I can’t believe she still has her job. Says a LOT about Biden admin standards, and that’s reemphasized by plenty of others.”

A Fox News contributor, Guy Benson, tweeted, “feeble, pitiful, unresponsive, delusional.”

Jean-Pierre is used to being slammed on social media for her past comments about the border. The press secretary previously repeated often-touted claims by the administration that the border was “secure” and denied that migrants are simply walking across the border.