Liberal Jon Stewart Calls out Democrats’ ‘Bulls–t’ Excuses for Joe Biden’s ‘Shocking Display of Cognitive Difficulty’

Jon Stewart, liberal host of “The Daily Show,” went off on the White House and Democrats for excusing what he said was a “shocking display of cognitive difficulty” by President Joe Biden during the presidential debate last month.

“The point is, for a campaign based on honesty and decency, the spin about the debate appears to be blatant bulls—t, and the redemption tour hasn’t gone that much better,” said Stewart.

During his show on Monday, Stewart played a collection of clips of Biden where the president read “pause” and “repeat the line” from a teleprompter, as well as other memory lapses, including the time he claimed to have spoken to the former President of France who was long-dead.

Stewart stated Biden’s poor performance was “recognizable to, unfortunately, anybody who’s dealt with aging parents, and it’s a hard watch.”

Stewart then played clips of Democrats complaining that the media put more focus on Biden’s performance than what they characterized as President Donald Trump’s “pathological lying.”

“Why doesn’t anyone ever speak out about Donald Trump?” asked Steward sarcastically before saying, “Or, let’s say, every night for ten f—ing years!”

“The difference is Trump delivered at the debate to expectation. We expect him to be f—ing crazy! But Biden’s performance and inability to articulate at times was stunning, like I could not believe what I was watching.”

“But then it got worse,” said Stewart. “Rather than respecting the American people and having an honest, at least partial, conversation about what we had all seen, we were told immediately. ‘These are not the droids you’re looking for.’”

Stewart emphasized Democrats making excuses for Biden’s terrible performance

Stewart then played another compilation of Democrats making excuses for Joe Biden’s poor performance, blaming a cold and jet lag. Stewart hit back hard, noting Biden had been home from Europe for almost two weeks.

“’Get on board or shut the f—k up’ is not a particularly compelling pro-democracy bumper sticker, nor is ‘What are you gonna do?’” said Stewart.

“I am in no way saying Biden’s got to drop out, but can’t we stress test this candidacy? Can’t we open up the conversation? Do you understand the opportunity here? Do you have any idea how thirsty Americans are for any hint of inspiration or leadership and a release from this choice of a megalomaniac and a suffocating gerontocracy? It is crushing our f—king spirits!” concluded Stewart.