Kudlow: Biden’s Woke Climate Agenda Will Put the Economy into Permanent Recession

According to Larry Kudlow, former Director of the National Economic Council during the Trump Administration and conservative business program host on Fox, if President Joe Biden succeeds with his woke fossil-free, climate, progressive agenda, he will send the U.S. into a permanent recession.

Kudlow pointed out the president’s statements while on his recent trip to Japan, where Biden continued to tout the U.S.’s ‘incredible transition’ away from fossil fuels.

According to Kudlow, Biden is “more than pleased to see sky-rocketing gasoline prices.”

“God willing, when it’s over, we’ll be stronger, and the world will be stronger,” said Biden.

Kudlow predicted that if Biden’s dream ever comes true, the U.S. might not ever have a healthy economy because a healthy economy is not possible without fossil fuels.

“I mean, these radical progressive greenies have never explained what is going to replace fossil fuels. As Kevin Hassett mentioned on last night’s program, 70% of the electricity in this country comes from fossil fuels. It will not be replaced by unreliable wind turbines or solar,” explained Kudlow.

“It could be partly replaced by nuclear power, but the radical greenies are completely hypocritical about this, and they always oppose nuclear power.

“I’m all for electric cars, but it will take fossil fuels to build them. It will take fossil fuels to mind for the resources and what these radical progressives never take into account is the idea of technological advance and innovation that make fossil fuels — especially natural gas and LNG — cleaner and cleaner,” he said.

Kudlow: No climate emergency

According to Kudlow, technology has made our water and air the cleanest of all major countries worldwide. He explained that this is why there is no “climate emergency” or impending existential climate threat.

Kudlow detailed recent statements from climate experts, including Trump EPA Commissioner Scott Pruitt, to support his position.

Pruitt made recent statements about the tremendous advances in capturing and storing carbon, which will make fossil fuels increasingly clean.

The president doesn’t care about middle-class working folks, in Kudlow’s opinion.

“Rich people, like the Disney kids, moaning for higher taxes. Well sure! You already have money, and you’ve already wrecked your amusement park with your woke social opinion. And if you want to pay more in taxes, go ahead, write a check to the IRS. Feel free to do so. Be my guest, but don’t punish the rest of us.”