‘Just Doesn’t Get It:’ Governor of Nevada Tells Biden He’s in Danger of Losing Critical State Over High Prices

GOP Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo argued that President Biden’s “failure to rein in national inflation” could cost him the election as voters in the state find the current economy “unsustainable.”

“Since Mr. Biden took office, prices have risen 19 percent, a major factor in real average weekly earnings dropping 4 percent. This type of economic turmoil is unsustainable for Nevada families,” Lombardo wrote in a guest essay in the New York Times.

“If recent polling on Democratic candidates in Nevada is any indication, and I think it is, Mr. Biden has a big problem to overcome because after three and a half years, Nevadans are losing confidence in him to do something meaningful about inflation and housing and are left with the feeling that he just doesn’t get it,” added Lombardo.

A Fox News poll this month found that President Biden trails former President Donald Trump by five points in the swing state. Biden won Nevada by less than three percentage points in the 2020 election. 

Nevada citizens have been paying an additional $1,199 per month to buy the same services and goods as they did in January 2021 because of inflation, according to a U.S. Joint Economic Committee estimate Lombardo cited. 

Gov. Lombardo: Biden losing traditional Dem voting blocs due to “punishingly high” inflation

Governor Lombardo warned Biden is losing support from voting blocs that have long been reliable or Democrats — like Hispanic voters and voters under 30 — in his state because of the “punishingly high” inflation and inability to afford housing.

“Many Nevadans believe the nation’s economy would be better served with new leadership. They include 69 percent of young voters and 70 percent of Hispanic voters, who say they trust Mr. Trump to do a better job with the economy than Mr. Biden, according to a New York Times/Siena poll concluded last month,” wrote Lombardo.

“As Gen Z graduates enter the workforce and look to purchase their first homes, it’s no surprise that they are concerned about today’s punishingly high inflation and mortgage rates and are seeking an alternative to the status quo. My friend Peter Guzman, who leads the Latin Chamber of Commerce in Nevada, attributes this shift among Hispanics to their ‘choosing policies over personalities’ in this fraught economic environment, and he’s right. Today’s pocketbook issues have transcended traditional voting blocs, allowing voters to evaluate how their vote impacts their wallet and vice versa,” added Lombardo.

According to a June Fox News poll, voters in Nevada prefer Trump to Biden on handling immigration and the economy, with the former president holding 22- and 16-point leads, respectively. 

A recent survey by Bloomberg News/Morning Consult also found Donald Trump leads Biden 48% to 44% across seven crucial states in play — Michigan, Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada and Pennsylvania.