Jurors Struggle to Keep Straight Faces: Judge Warns Prosecutors About ‘Degree of Detail’ During Stormy Daniels’ Lewd Testimony 

On Tuesday, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan sustained an objection by former President Donald Trump’s attorneys to the graphic testimony from porn star Stormy Daniels. Merchan noted that “the degree of detail” was “unnecessary” while scolding prosecutors.

Jurors struggled to keep straight faces while Daniels described allegedly spanking Trump with a magazine. However, they didn’t react visibly when she recalled having sex with Trump, now 77, in “the missionary position” in a hotel bed in 2006.

Daniels fidgeted and spoke rapidly when recounting the sexual encounter as “brief” and noted that it worried her Trump wasn’t wearing a condom at the time.

The porn star wore a tight black shirt, topped by a black kimono-like garment, and spoke quickly, using her hands to gesture as she recalled her night with Trump when she claims she “pretty much had enough of his arrogance” and “snapped” telling him “someone should spank you with that.”

The adult film star was referring to a magazine that featured Trump’s photo on the cover. She says she rolled up the magazine and “swatted him” with it, drawing smirks from several jurors.

Daniels also recalled earlier in the night, the former president showed Daniels a few pictures, to which she responded, “Oh, what about your wife?” referring to Melania Trump, whom he had married a year prior.

“He said, don’t worry about that, we don’t even sleep in the same room,” said Daniels as she scrunched up her nose, which prompted Trump to shake his head while seated at the defense table.

Trump’s attorneys objected several times during Daniels’ testimony

Trump sat hunched during the testimony and motioned to defense lawyer Susan Necheles, who objected several times, all of which the judge sustained.

Daniels appeared to glance at Trump when she said she met the real estate tycoon at a Lake Tahoe celebrity golf tournament when she was 27 in 2006. Daniels said the two spoke at the event, eventually leading to their alleged hook-up.

The porn star recalled her publicist encouraged her to skip a work event she didn’t want to go to and told her it would “make a great story” to meet Donald Trump instead.

According to Daniels, the meeting happened only after Daniels met with Keith Schiller, Trump’s security guard, earlier in the day.

She maintains she went to Trump’s luxurious hotel suite to find Trump in Hugh Hefner-style “silk or satin” pajamas that Daniels claims she told him to change out of.

Daniels explained she didn’t tell her former publicist and then-boyfriend about sleeping with Trump after because she felt “ashamed.”

The former president has been charged with having Michael Cohen, his former lawyer, pay Daniels $130,000 leading up to the 2016 election to block her from going public with her claim they had sex when he was married.

Trump is accused of attempting to cover up the “hush money” payment by writing the payment off as a legal expense.

Trump has attacked the case as a politically motivated witch hunt and denies the charges.