Joe Biden’s Latest Interview May Be His Worst Yet

President Joe Biden gave an interview on Friday with Jonathan Capehart on MSNBC that has had all kinds of people concerned for all kinds of reasons. One of the more frightening moments came when it appeared that Biden was either asleep or just completely out of it. Capehart asked what was going on with him. Whatever has been happening with the president, it seems to be getting worse. 

In the interview, Capehart actually waved at the president and said, “Mr. President, whoop,” to get Biden’s attention during the questioning. Those who have watched the interview closely also say that there is a jump cut in the video, so there is concern that something may have been taken out from the original. After all, it is MSNBC, so you never know what they are capable of doing to make it look better for Biden. What we know is if they let it look as it did, it must have been pretty bad. 

Capehart had no intention of making Biden look bad. In fact, instead of focusing on Biden’s vulnerabilities, and the suffering that is taking place all across America, he chose to attack Republicans and pitch some slow softballs to the president. At one point Capehart said that he was “scared.”

“Mr. President, I’ll be honest. I’m scared. Millions of Americans are scared. They’re concerned about the concerted attacks on democracy, on voting, and how that’s going to impact the midterm elections. We’re seeing everything from Governor DeSantis’ election police force arresting people for alleged violations of voter fraud, we’re seeing election workers quitting because of threats,” Capehart said to Biden.

So once again, instead of dealing with the real issues that voters care about, the liberal media focused on tangents. 

One of the painful lobs Capehart pitched to President Biden was when he asked, “Can our democracy survive when the Republican Party is–it only cares about power?”

Biden’s Attack on GOP Didn’t Make Sense

Biden tried to take a big swing against the GOP but ended up not making a whole lot of sense. 

“One of the reasons there’s not more mainstream conservative Republicans running out there is because they are so concerned about not only their physical wellbeing but also the notion that how can they win when a minority of Republicans are showing up to vote and they’re really hard edge,” Biden responded.

The interview at one point shifted to the two men walking outside, I wonder if that was necessary to keep the president awake. The focus turned to Biden’s fitness for office and his future plans. The president claimed that everything about him was functioning well, and he once again said that people should just watch him. 

Watch him?…that’s what people have been doing and why the question is even being asked. 

What made this segment strange, if not creepy, is that when Biden is telling him for people to watch him he touches Jonathan Capehart. Can’t somebody keep the president from touching people?

Biden goes on to tell Capehart that he had more experience, both in foreign policy and domestic policy, than anyone to ever sit in the Oval Office. 

Does Biden really have the kind of experience that proves itself in leadership, or has he just been around a very long time? Robert Gates, the former defense secretary under President Obama, said that Biden has been wrong about every foreign policy issue for the last forty years. 

It was reported that Obama once said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*ck things up.” 

The president went on to fabricate numbers related to the approval rating of Kamala Harris and he attempted to justify why she might be unpopular. 

Joe wants us to watch him, but it’s the watching that has us all very concerned.