Jeffrey Epstein’s List: District Court Unseals Names in Ghislaine Maxwell Lawsuit

Almost 200 names that had been previously redacted from court documents in the lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s former accomplice and lover, have been made public on the orders of a federal judge in New York. 

Loretta Preska, U.S. District Judge, ordered their release in December but allowed John and Jane Doe two weeks in case they wanted to appeal.

Well-known names on the list included Prince Andrew, former President Bill Clinton, Clinton’s estranged longtime aide Doug Band, and Jean-Luc Brunel, a French modeling agent who died, like Epstein, while waiting for trial.

Epstein had numerous high-profile connections, including Britain’s Prince Andrew, former U.S. presidents, foreign prime ministers, along with Hollywood stars, people in the fashion and modeling industries, leading academics, and other public figures.

Some names were known previously through other means despite being withheld in the lawsuit from the public’s eye.

Several names were withheld for a variety of reasons, including names of some of the underage victims of Epstein and at least one person the judge said had been falsely identified.

The names were all redacted previously in a lawsuit filed by Virginia Giuffre against Maxwell. Giuffre is an Epstein accuser who said he trafficked her to Little St. James, his private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands, before her 18th birthday. In 2017, all parties settled out of court. She also sued and was awarded a settlement by Prince Andrew.

Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years behind bars for sex trafficking victims of Epstein in a separate criminal case.

The release comes amidst a fight in Congress to release the names of people and Epstein’s clients who traveled on his private jet. Tennessee Republicans Representative Tim Burchett and Senator Marsha Blackburn have accused Dems of “stonewalling” their documents request.

“It appears that bad actors within our government are going to great lengths to protect the pedophiles who took Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet,” wrote Blackburn on X in late December. “I will not stop working to reveal their identities. The American people deserve to know every name on the list.”

Giuffre praised the legislators’ involvement in X while taunting some of Epstein’s prior unnamed associates. 

“Finally, we are hearing members of the U.S. government senators about the need for transparency and a call to arms for accountability!!” wrote Giuffre. “There’s going to be a lot of nervous ppl over Christmas and New Years, 170 to be exact, who’s on the naughty list?”