It’s Been Six Months of Terror Since Hamas’ October 7 Attack — Time for Israel to Finish off Hamas

Israel suffered the largest slaughter of Jews in a single day since the Holocaust, six months ago, on October 7. Over 1,100 were murdered, and 134 hostages were taken, American citizens among them, who are still tortured and languishing in Hamas’ terror tunnels in Gaza.

Only days following the brutal attacks, former president George W. Bush said, “It’s not going to take long for people [to say] — ‘It’s gone on too long. Surely, there’s a way to settle this through negotiations. Both sides are guilty.’ My view is: One side is guilty. And it’s not Israel.”

The former president is correct; it didn’t take very long, only six months, and now the clock is ticking internationally — shouldn’t it be ticking on Hamas?

Member of the War Cabinet in Jerusalem Benny Gantz is calling for elections in September. This is, in part, an effort to tamp down domestic political strife over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the hostages and, additionally, perhaps as a signal that major military operations must be completed by then.

In Washington, D.C., President Joe Biden and his presidential campaign opponent, former President Donald Trump, are urging Israel to act quickly. However, they approach it in different, telling ways.

A weak Biden, pandering to the far left of the Democrat Party, is pressuring Netanyahu to end the conflict with no regard for the complete defeat of Hamas or the release of hostages. Gratefully, some Democrats, including Senator of Pennsylvania John Fetterman and New York Representative Ritchie Torres, oppose Biden’s cowardly calls.

In the meantime, former President Trump had a different message to Israel and told radio host Hugh Hewitt this week, “They’re losing the PR war. They’re losing it big. But they’ve got to finish what they started, and they’ve got to finish it fast.”

In the case of Israel and Hamas, finishing what they began only means one thing — finishing off Hamas.

War in the 21st century, from Afghanistan to Ukraine, from Gaza to Iraq, is plagued by one central question — what does it mean to win?

The October 7 attack isn’t something Israel can live with. Hamas’ threat of once again surging over the border to rape women and burn children alive every now and then isn’t something they can accept for temporary peace.

Israelis understand one thing — however, the fighting ends, it cannot end with Hamas and its Iranian backers believing they have advanced their main focus and goal of destroying Israel.

If this were to happen and Hamas survives its horrendous atrocities and lives to fight on, they will do it over and over. Actually, after what the whole world saw on October 7, Hamas could be encouraged to do much worse.

Is there any doubt they would hesitate to attack a chemical plant to kill thousands or poison the water supply next time?

Iran, based on its longstanding support of Hamas even after its treachery, would do nothing but grin and gloat at the death of more innocent Jews.

What of the death of the aid workers? The suffering and horrors in Gaza? While it is beyond tragic, it’s also Hamas and its supporters’ fault. Entirely.

Israel abandoned Gaza almost 20 years ago. The people, the Palestinian government there, and its backers in the region could have used the nearly limitless foreign aid rained down on it to make it a gleaming UAE or Dubai.

Instead, they chose to spend the money purchasing rockets, plotting to kill Jews, and building endless lengths of tunnels. Nobody forced them to make that choice.

After October 7, Israel must remain focused on one thing — “Never Again.”

A climax is coming for the horrific conflict in Gaza. The clock is running out for Israel to act, meaning it must remain decisive.

The only way the conflict can end is by doling out punishment to terrorists so harshly that they won’t even consider unleashing the type of inhumanity of October 7 ever again.

The only way Israel can accomplish this is to finish off Hamas. Just six months later — it’s time. Long past time.