It Isn’t Christian Nationalists or MAGA Republicans Causing Violence Nationwide

Two years ago, with red lights glaring behind him, President Joe Biden demonized half of the country’s voters and labeled them a threat to democracy. He warned of MAGA Republicans and the dangers they represented — criticizing them, branding them as a dangerous evil to the country, and vilifying them. He warned they would seek to oppress and cause harm. 

Biden couldn’t be further from the truth.

Less than two years later, the president’s hysteria and finger-wagging have proven to be an absolute lie. Don’t look any further than the situation on university campuses nationwide.

On Tuesday, Columbia University reported protesters took over a college hall. They shattered glass windows on the doors of Hamilton Hall, a venerable campus building, entered the building illegally, and started an occupation.

These left-wing protesters declared they wouldn’t leave the building they captured until Columbia agreed to the demands of “divestment, financial transparency, and amnesty,” reported the Washington Examiner.

During the University of Utah’s campus left-wing occupation, protesters defied police orders to leave the demonstration area because their protest violated school policies.

Eventually, police removed them from the area; however, along the way, one police officer was injured, and a hatchet was located among the protesters, the Washington Examiner reported at the time.

Other colleges reported needing to delay final exams, encourage students to leave campus, and/or cancel graduation ceremonies and speakers because they could not confront protesters and take action, use any legal force to remove the agitators, or ultimately surrender to the demands of the left-wingers.

The majority of the attacks and violence witnessed in the country over the past decade were because of unchecked and rampant left-wing activist aggression. Most of the political violence in the history of our country over the past century was due to left-wing political violence. Under the pretense of “peaceful protests,” radical left-wing extremists usually are pretty violent.

Besides the incident at the Capitols on January 5, 2021, basically, all political violence in the country has been due to left-wing extremists — from vandalism, attacks, looting, assaults, and killings associated with the Black Lives Matter riots to groups like Antifa that frequently threw Molotov cocktails, assaulted dissidents, endangered innocent people, and tried to firebomb a Seattle police precinct.

Despite what President Joe Biden tried to brainwash the country into thinking they were, MAGA Republicans were never the imminent danger. It was propaganda and indoctrination to try to scare the country into supporting Biden and his agenda. The president’s fearmongering that day mimicked the dreadful tactics of the left-winger totalitarians of yesteryear.

Like those oppressive dictators, the assessment by Biden of the situation was filled with rampant misinformation — intentionally deceptive political propaganda. 

President Joe Biden made ridiculous claims of MAGA violence to distract the American public from the reality of the destruction and violence caused by individuals on the Left. Instead of focusing on an incident in January of 2021, the focus should be on the threat left-wing extremists continue to cause chaos across the country.